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The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation: If nothing changes, by the end of 2017 we will not have reserves nor the ability to pay wages

Need any ways to increase the working age population of Russia, said first Deputy Finance Minister Tatyana Nesterenko, speaking on "the Territory of meanings".

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From Russia launched a trillion: with whom to send "Polite people"?

While Russia, the sister Republic and our brothers in non-brotherly republics celebrated Victory Day, I came across a very interesting figures (Yes, we have to work even in the celebration: money never sleeps).

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Is there an alternative to the new "kutinaite"?

Despite my extremely negative attitude towards Kudrin, however, should specify that please do not take the term "codenomicon" as an insult on the basis of mangling the names — so try never to do.

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Obama out of spite. The Russian economy has diagnosed the best state in the entire history

Wednesday, April 20, in Moscow has passed the expanded Board of the Ministry of Finance. Besides officials of the Finance Ministry, the meeting was attended by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the Chairman of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina, the head of audit chamber Tatyana Golikova, and first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. Medvedev thanked the Ministry staff for service, called them by professionals and handed out awards. As the correspondent "" watched as officials looked for holes that budget money flow.

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The Central Bank warned about the risk of further shocks due to an unbalanced budget

An unbalanced budget can lead to the collapse of the exchange rate and new shocks, warned first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Ksenia Yudaeva. It is important not to repeat the mistakes of the BRICS countries, she said.

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