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Is there an alternative to the new "kutinaite"?
Material posted: Publication date: 23-04-2016
Despite my extremely negative attitude towards Kudrin, however, should specify that please do not take the term "codenomicon" as an insult on the basis of mangling the names — so try never to do.

Encourage us from America is better for Russia?

The term "codenomicon" was introduced not just me and has become a symbol of a certain direction in the economy and social policy, associated with the names of Kudrin (ex-Minister of Finance — "best", but not for us but for the West), Gref, Zurabov,Golikova, Fursenko, speaker, nabiulinoj. The direction is characterized, in my understanding, a conscious inclusion of all major chains of economic and social life (including production and social security) is obviously parasitic sections, a complex suffocation of creative, productive start in our economy, the withdrawal of resources and their transfer to the economy of our strategic competitors-enemies.

With this understanding of the essence and the true meaning of this direction in policy, you can understand my attitude to the statement of the head of state on a straight line on April 14, 2016 on the intention to entrust to engage in the strategy of our future development ... Kudrin. Yes and no where else, and in the "Center for strategic research", originally closely associated with the name above referred to Gref.

According to the plan or how it goes?

Readers may think that the term "strategic" in the name of the center is used as a stretch or even ridicule. Supposedly, what I have there are "strategic" design? But you will be wrong. The most that neither is strategic. Not just in our understanding of the strategy as development strategy. And that the opposite — as a strategy (as I estimate) destruction. That is, the strategy in which to publicly admit it is impossible.

As for public strategies, involving a focus on the development, we with you a few years ago promised, here the next u-turn is obvious. PR statement of intent something strategically to plan — easily. And even the laws, the plans and timelines, sorry for the tautology, the future start of strategic planning process — without a problem. But implementation is another matter. Will not wait.

To confirm: just, 23 March, passed in the first reading the Government submitted draft law No. 984261-6 "On amending article 47 of the Federal law "On strategic planning in the Russian Federation" (concerning the postponement of the development of strategic planning documents)". Where do they carry the timing? May be, in connection with the aggravation of the situation and the tightening of confrontation with a significant part of the external world, the terms are going to bring?

On the contrary. Adopted by the Duma in the first reading the bill provides for the postponement of the development of relevant documents for ... 2019-th year. And there — "either the donkey dies, or the Emir..."

That is, wait until without a strategy.

Not at all, and without a public strategy that is not ashamed to admit it. And for the realization of which would need to ask.

Plans in life!

It is important to understand that everything happening now and manifested, including the rapid price rise simultaneously with a fall in incomes, a barbaric commercialization of all social spheres is not the result of the deteriorating external environment and anyone's sanctions. Exclusively — the only one possible, and planned and prepared the result of the policy pursued by a decade and a half of that team, to which the President again calls for new plans.

I have to say: after a "promising" lead, discuss anything else related to this "straight line", including issues of roads, medicines, salaries, utilities, and the defense of the country is absolutely meaningless. All the true essence and the true plans for the near future — in this one basic decision: who trusted to determine the direction of our movement. Movement to the development or, on the other hand, further scientific, technological and social degradation.

So it's a dead end? There is no alternative?

Creative alternative

The alternative, of course, there is. But need the will — different than today. Will, may be not even immediately to implement such an alternative, but at least to show interest in it.

I will remind, on February 12 took place in Oryol Oryol economic forum, organized by the Communist party — the largest opposition party in the Duma. Important: do not narrowly party event, and with the involvement of a broader range of economists and politicians, but on key issues — are United in their understanding of the situation, tasks and recipes to bring the country out of the protracted degradation.

On 23-24 March in Moscow at MSU. M. V. Lomonosov Moscow state University took place the fourth, the Moscow economic forum (MEF) — wide party and not scientific-practical event. On it, by the way, among other things, was held a round table devoted now extremely urgent moment in our recent history — the formation in the fall of 1998-the year and the work of the government of Primakov-Maslukov, literally, saved the country then, drew us all from the abyss. The event is on the network.

In addition, on March 22, a large Mafu was preceded by a similar forum held at the St. Petersburg scientific center St. Petersburg economic Congress (not to be confused with the official-liberal financial-speculative — my qualitative assessment is "Petersburg economic forum").

A set of items and program provisions, expressed at these events, including representatives of the Communist party (the largest opposition force), the business Party (whose leader, at the same time, and co-chair MEPA) and other relatively small and today not represented in the Duma nationally-oriented political forces, scientists and production workers, by and large, do not contradict each other. But comes into direct, one might say, is an antagonistic contradiction with the ongoing socio-economic policy based on recipes from the Gaidar-Chubaisand their current heirs.

The combination of these events — there is an alternative economic programme. Not a dogma on a number of issues and there are multiple variations, and internal (among nationally-oriented forces) discussions on the nuances. The real basis that can be accepted for implementation, albeit with some adjustments along the way, but with absolutely clear and unequivocal direction to the new industrialization, scientific and technological, industrial and social development.

Re-industrialization — in the face of fierce opposition

I had the opportunity to speak on all these forums, and Made, in addition, also to one of the events is above the already mentioned round table on the reform of Primakov-Maslukov. Now I want to draw attention to a component of the expanded national-oriented forces, above I have outlined how the combined work of a large number of people. Namely, the institutional support of reindustrialization of the country. Not at all, and in our particular situation — the situation projected long-term animosity toward us by the strongest and most scientific and technologically advanced in the world.

This was highlighted in my speech at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg international economic Congress on March 22. Time limit was strict, and therefore had only almost table of contents — the ten abstracts with the brief explanations, no details. But, on the other hand, such strict forced flow allows the listener (reader) to perceive the material as a whole, without being distracted by details. And because here are these ten theses only with the most minimal explanations. The same details and decryption are feasible, will lead in our next article.

So, theses on institutional support reindustrialization of the country in terms of long-term hostile environment:

1. The fall in world oil prices — a tragedy or a chance for us?

For two decades, Dating back to 1995, I repeatedly wrote that to live forever by selling abroad of non-renewable natural resources, and the scientific and technologically to degrade and exacerbate the gap from the West, impossible. Inevitably there will come a day when we will no longer buy all this. Just going to take.

Life turned out differently — radically fallen the world prices for raw materials, and their former standard of living at the expense of actual parasitism on the ancestors we maintain. We need to understand how luck — sounded the warning bell. It's not a disaster, but a chance — to think, to realize the futility, the futility of the old ways, to change the direction of motion.

2. Long period of life in extremely hostile attitude to us the most developed countries in the world

Justification. Can the Russian power — present or future — to return the Crimea to Ukraine, even if you really want to? Cannot and can not. No way.

Russia does not extradite its citizens and not push them against their will, back to Ukraine. Exactly the same may not evict the Crimean anywhere, and the empty land of Crimea and then to give. This is not possible. That is, in any way, even if the authorities really wanted.

But the West is certainly not the reason, but the reason and the occasion for a demonstration of countering us. In all possible directions, especially in parts of our industrial and technological development.

That is, we have re-industrialization are not the whole, but in the face of extremely adverse environment. It is a completely different task, and it requires entirely different methods of solution.

3. The imminent development needs of the ideological, philosophical, ensuring

Yes, under the Constitution, no ideology can here be set as public, compulsory. But it does not follow that conscious conversion may be carried out without a broad agreement on key ideological positions.

That is, the obligatory "Lenin offset" to be entered, but a unified ideological base for those who will develop and implement a programme of development — is vital.

Some elements of my proposed variant of such an ideological base will decode in the following article.

4. The exclusion of parasitic links embedded in all spheres of life — economic, social and public administration

Was (will in the next article) a list of the basic links. Unfortunately, it can be supplemented: as current of the parasitic elements, and constantly introduce again and again.

5. The reversal of the entire financial-banking system not the current financial-speculative-sufficiency, but in the service of the real economy, the service of re-industrialization of the country

The issue concerns both the number of measures to change the status of the Central Bank and its powers, the introduction of mechanisms for accountability of managers and the activities of commercial banks, regulate their activities. Including, on the basis of reindustrialization is necessary for regulation of the profitability of the entire financial sector of the economy — primary, lucrative, and primarily a supporting service, subordinate to the interests of production.

6. The reversal of the entire energy, transport, housing and other infrastructure is not on maximizing profits, but in the service producing sector of the economy, industrial production, agriculture, science, education and health

Accordingly, the requirement of inter-branch balance, regulation of profitability as well as balance of wages: the janitor in "Gazprom" should not get more than a cleaner in a school or a hospital.

7. The nature of reindustrialization: authoritarian or democratic? Based on the ideas of the left or right?

I prefer democratic (based on public self-government and accountability to society), but variants are possible. More importantly, the re-industrialization should not be simulative. We cannot allow the authorities only pretend that changing course, but in fact just waiting everything will return to normal and you can continue to parasitize on natural resources, and thus further degrade.

Left or right? Again personally, I prefer based on ideas more than social. At least because in General the basis of such re-industrialization — the recognition of the priority of our common interest (in terms of objectively hostile environment) above the personal interest of those for whom the degradation of the country is not an obstacle to personal success.

Perhaps a combination of incentives — the General interest and private interest. But then the achievement of private interest should be strictly conditional on the implementation of our common task. One of the instruments of solving this problem is the inter-industry balance, subordinate to the strategic development plans, as well as electoral incentive taxation. Should be created an environment in which to get at our site profit can only work on the reindustrialization of the country, but not the export of unprocessed raw materials or financial speculation.

8. Genuine reindustrialization (and not feigning) are only possible on the basis of sovereign economic and social policy

It would not be the current certainty in relation to us the external world, its most developed and the extent of sovereignty in the conduct of socio-economic policy yet somehow one would argue. But come clarity and certainty. Re-industrialization in the context of an unfavourable external environment can only be sovereign. First of all — independent from those who will make every effort to not let us develop. From here it's not that new (for me totally new), but the new effect is extremely prosnulas situation, the question is about the key element of development management (limit the development of competitors) from the West — to the WTO.

Personally, I am for a complete and speedy break with the WTO, especially as our "partners" went to the first mass grave violation of rules and regulations by entering unilateral sanctions against Russia. But I admit that there is a more gradual and soft options. In any case, the issue of the shackles of the WTO inevitably arises, and it is one of the key.

9. Conscious movement requires responsible management

Stop playing the President, who is above all, and in fact all decisions, but not responsible for anything. Separately, the government — like all responsible, but with a real status like assistant to the President on the farm. Should be a single responsible Executive power, and the one who makes decisions has to bear for them full responsibility.

Responsible the State Duma (which cannot be dissolved by the will of the President, unless she can't form a majority, is responsible for all laws). And independent from any pressure or interference from the President of the parliamentary oversight through independent President of the audit chamber (this independence has yet to return), as well as parliamentary oversight of direct — through the parliamentary Commission of inquiry for the competence of which should not be restrictions.

Responsible key ministries, particularly economic development. The Ministry is not present is an irresponsible prediction, but responsible for the development and implementation of economic development strategy, with the achievement of the planned indicators characterizing the level of scientific-technological and industrial development, the degree of self-sufficiency of the national economy and balanced foreign economic relations, the inadmissibility of one-sided dependence on anyone.

A responsible Central Bank — as a normal organ of state power inscribed in the Foundations of the constitutional system — in a system of separation of powers, the management of the society under control, accountable, and punishable by society.

10. Genuine independent local self-government, protected from crime

This is required regardless of whether the re-industrialization in democratic or authoritarian ways. Even when absolute monarchy in Russia local self-government was developed. But this requires aggressive suppression of crime. Only two options: either crime with an iron fist vikorchovivat top (I would prefer this option), or you want to arm the people was that he was able to resist the now well-armed criminals. If not to do neither the first, nor the second, that original productive self-government will not work — everything inevitably turns into a continuous "Cosevco". In the local variant of barbaric feudalism, not only inhumane, but also prevent modern industrial and technological development.

What remains to add to those theses in the conclusion?

Given the unfavourable external environment, we are in the same boat. And on all key issues should not insist on a perfect solution, but to find a social compromise — all who for their country, for its preservation and development. That means in the current situation — the priority of national interests, interests of national development above the interests of any other.

Yuri Boldyrev



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