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Klyuchnikov, I. K., 'Global financial centers: proc. manual'
Material posted: Publication date: 03-08-2014

In educational and scientific literature contains no theoretical explanations of the mechanisms of functioning of financial centers, no and development conditions of their formation and development.

Your attention is invited to the textbook, consisting of five sections, designed to fill in the gaps. Financial centers are considered as higher and geographically organized form of financial intermediation, the leading element of the global circulation of financial capital and favourable for transnational corporations urban environment.

Financial centers around the world is a complex world is not only economic communications. Nodal points and lines of exchange of monetary, credit, financial, stock, commodity, banking and stock exchange - are a unique habitat capitals of capital. But equally important are the people in the relevant urban space, architecture and transport, the prevailing cultural environment and quality of life.

For bachelors and masters studying credit, Finance, investment, economic growth and international economic relations and world economy


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