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Methodological apparatus of strategic planning of complex of measures on creation of international financial centre
Material posted: -Publication date: 12-10-2010

The report contains evidence-based judgments about the main directions of formation of the strategy of creating in Russia a financial center. The authors propose to use analytic hierarchy process to build a slim and clear plan of necessary works.

Speaking on 14 April 2010 a lecture at Kyoto University, head of the presidential administration Sergei Naryshkin announced some rather optimistic predictions regarding further development of our country and the welfare of its citizens.

According to him, labor productivity in Russia will grow 2.5 times, and the average monthly salary will be $2.7 thousand. life expectancy will reach 75 years we, the middle class will comprise half of the total population of the country. S. Naryshkin noted: for the implementation of this scenario will implement "large-scale institutional and structural reforms". Goals are derived from the authorities adopted Strategy 2020.

Socio-economic forecasts of the state, the Russians are, to put it mildly, different. And there is a substantial base. For the year of the crisis, the average nominal salary in Russia has grown by 8.5% following growth of 15% in 2008 the average wage of Russians is only a small part of the promised Naryshkin - 19 128 rubles (about $645). According to the health Ministry, due to low salaries the budget deficit of Russian families currently stands at 450 billion rubles. But here is the rare case when you can admit that the predictions of power -realistic. But on one essential condition - the elimination of capital outflow from the country: legal (including, in the so-called foreign exchange reserves) and illegal. The outflow of capital is the root of all major problems of the Russian economy, social sphere, system of national security.

This implies a fundamental modernization of the financial system of the country, the formation of objective conditions to hold and maybe attract financial capital. The creation of the Russian international financial centre (IFC) in Moscow is in the context of this important task.

It is clear that the basis for the sustainable operation of the MFC can only be a competitive economy. But to start the mechanism of its modernization it is reasonable to make a number of reforms in the financial market and the infrastructure of the metropolis. Since these transformations require large financial resources, the current development of scientifically-based targeted programs for IFC. In other words, developed by the governments of Russia and Moscow the concept of the IFC should come specific business plans and targeted programmes, which not only identified the possible targets, but also financial limitations for their implementation. In other words, the balance of importance of targets and have to implement them resources.

Author: A. N. Fomin, S. A. Kryukov, A. G. Makarenko

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