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Will there be a new center of power in Eurasia?
Material posted: -Publication date: 12-08-2015
After several hours on the border of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan will host the official opening ceremony of the borders that divided Kyrgyzstan and the Eurasian Economic Union. Watch the event online from the residence of the Issyk-Kul will President Nursultan Nazarbayev and Almazbek Atambayev. According to the "Khabar", the main event will take place at the transition Kordai, then the two leaders will hold a press conference and shared their views on economic cooperation in the framework of the EAEC. The length of the Kazakh-Kyrgyz border in 1050 kilometers. Today, her last day worked seven customs posts - six highways and one railway. Now, no customs declarations will be gone.

In Kirghizia lay hopes on in EAES, hoping for legalisation of labour migration, increase of pensions and grants and, of course, on economic growth. But expectations from EAES are great not only in Bishkek - strengthening economic globalisation forces the states to create uniform regulations of economic relations.

The general director of the Center of strategic estimations and forecasts Sergey Grinjaev says that today «thanks to development of telecommunications, transport, other technologies, today actually any country is connected with any. Streams, both material, and virtual, became supermobile. Actually there are no frontiers. They very poorly interfere with moving of migratory, financial, information streams. But thus, there are centres of gravity of those or other streams which cause accumulation of those or other resources. In London or New York financial streams, in other places - migratory streams accumulate, China is a point of an outcome of streams of the industrial goods».

«Why London we can name the financial centre, and Moscow - are not present, though some years ago this word combination was very fashionable and interesting?», - the expert asks a question. In its opinion, process of the Euroasian integration can just be for Russia a source which will cause merge of many streams and will create conditions for a birth in Russia at first regional, and then and the global financial centre.

«Look at a card of Eurasia of the XXI-st century, - Grinjaev calls. - here crossing of global streams. The XXI-st century of Asia. China actually is the global world factory which has filled the world by the goods. These goods go from China, from Asia to Europe, on a global commodity market. What do we have as regards transport highways? It is the project of the Great silk way which in the rank of national is realised today in the Chinese National Republic. Will pass 10-20 years, and we can say that Northern sea way becomes economically effective transport an artery».

According to the expert, «with returning of Crimea in structure of the Russian Federation there was a possibility to redirect a part of transport streams not simply on the market of the Western Europe, but including on the market of the Near East, on the market of the North Africa through the Black Sea passages. On space of Eurasia in which centre there is the Russian Federation, there were conditions for origin of the new geopolitical centre of force conditions for which develop thanks to presence of set of transport streams. If today Russia within the limits of the project of the Euroasian integration can adjust coordination of streams which pass through Eurasia, and it both migratory streams, and financial, and commodity streams it will be a condition for stabilisation and a domestic situation of the Russian Federation, definition of its role and a place in the XXI-st century, will form a basis for origin and strengthening in our country at first regional, and then and the global centre».


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