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"The justification of the Eurasian integration"

Why Eurasian needs justification?

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Klyuchnikov, I. K., 'Global financial centers: proc. manual'

In educational and scientific literature contains no theoretical explanations of the mechanisms of functioning of financial centers, no and development conditions of their formation and development.

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Babayev S. S., and others. 'International financial centers and their role in the development of the world economy. An analytical review'

In modern conditions of global financial centers play a critical role in ensuring the development of the world economy. The need to develop Moscow as an international financial centre is one of the most important task of economic development of Russia.

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Jesse Russell 'Global financial centers'

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Financial centers around the world (eng. International financial centres) — centres of concentration of banks and specialized credit and financial institutions engaged in international monetary, credit and financial transactions, transactions with securities, gold.

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