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New technologies in the financial markets

Research project focused around the study of problems in the functioning of modern financial markets. special attention is paid to the functioning and development of the stock market. examines the technology and techniques of manipulation and control the stock market. Developed methods of forming resistant to manipulation of stock market indices, as well as methods of forming the fair price of shares on the stock market.

The methodological apparatus and the results justify a "fair" stock prices of the issuers of second tier

Shares of companies whose shares are on the stock exchange, are an attractive investment instrument.

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Methods to predict the dynamics of stock index

As applied to Russian conditions, traditional methods of forecasting the dynamics of the stock market — fundamental and technical analysis can not be applied in full. Fundamental analysis that require knowledge of real values of all the main financial indicators of the companies-issuers, in the Russian context is difficult to apply because of the lack of reliable information.

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Topical issues of application of the mechanism of exchange trading to address water-energy problems of Central Asia

In the Central Asian region there are complex issues providing resources (water, electricity, gas, coal), the key element of which is water. In the USSR the problem of redistribution of resources between the republics of Central Asia and Kazakhstan were solved by administrative methods: set the volume of necessary supplies and appropriate tariffs for resources.

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Analysis of trading activity on the Russian stock exchanges RTS and MICEX. Conclusions and recommendations

Prepared regular analytical report. The report, 36 p. Electronic version available on our website. This analytical report is devoted to analysis of the functioning of the exchange infrastructure of the Russian stock market in various conditions.

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