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New technologies in the financial markets

Research project focused around the study of problems in the functioning of modern financial markets. special attention is paid to the functioning and development of the stock market. examines the technology and techniques of manipulation and control the stock market. Developed methods of forming resistant to manipulation of stock market indices, as well as methods of forming the fair price of shares on the stock market.

The Central Bank of Russia will be engaged in the analysis of opportunities of new financial technologies

The working group on the analysis of perspective technologies and innovations in the financial market was headed by the vice-chairman of the Bank of Russia Olga Skorobogatova.

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Deutsche Boerse has published details of merge to the London stock exchange

Deutsche Boerse and LSE have published details of creation of large European exchange association with capitalization in $30 billion. The united company which will receive "registration" in London Carsten Kengeter will head CEO Deutsche Boerse.

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Hackers changed ruble exchange rate for 15% by means of a virus

Group-IB published the review in which insists that ruble rate fluctuations in February, 2015 were caused by hacker attack to Power bank. Before the Central Bank reported that demands were exposed by bank, and hacker attack wasn't.

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Five trends that will revolutionize stock trading

How will the trading on the financial markets in 25 years? To answer this question, of course, difficult, but it's safe to say that it will look very different.

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Ten steps Kyrgyzstan towards Islamic financial centre

Despite some formal similarities, the Islamic economy is not identical to the capitalist. It is more correct to say that the alternative Islamic economy does not exclude the presence she has in common not only with the capitalist, but with socialist economy.

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