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New technologies in the financial markets

Research project focused around the study of problems in the functioning of modern financial markets. special attention is paid to the functioning and development of the stock market. examines the technology and techniques of manipulation and control the stock market. Developed methods of forming resistant to manipulation of stock market indices, as well as methods of forming the fair price of shares on the stock market.

The project of development of the market of Islamic securities of Kyrgyzstan for financing economic projects Pravitelstva Kyrgyzstan

A distinctive feature of Islamic securities is that their production is based on the actual underlying bonds the underlying tangible asset or security. Most accurately identified the Islamic securities in the international organization's resolutions on accounting and audit in Islamic financial institutions.

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Fight for the future

An analysis of the number of media allowed us to reveal an interesting trend - the world's leading stock exchanges continues restructuring technological processes to trades aimed at the development of fundamentally different functional environment global stock market that identify and manage potential crises on the world market, and, if necessary, shaping the conditions for the occurrence of such crises.

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IBM experts about the processes of transformation of the global stock market

Interesting results gave the study reports on research published by the scientific center of IBM on one of their websites.

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The possibility of manipulating stock indices

The article considers the vulnerability of the stock market, allowing speculators to manipulate their values. Such "tricks" can easily provoke the crises in the financial system of the country.

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To improve the methods of calculation of stock exchange RTS index

In the current (at the time of writing) the methodology of calculation of RTS index is the most vulnerable element is to identify the values of CI coefficients, restricting the share of capitalization of securities of the i-type (weighting factor).

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