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New technologies in the financial markets

Research project focused around the study of problems in the functioning of modern financial markets. special attention is paid to the functioning and development of the stock market. examines the technology and techniques of manipulation and control the stock market. Developed methods of forming resistant to manipulation of stock market indices, as well as methods of forming the fair price of shares on the stock market.

To improve the methods of calculation of stock exchange RTS index

In the current (at the time of writing) the methodology of calculation of RTS index is the most vulnerable element is to identify the values of CI coefficients, restricting the share of capitalization of securities of the i-type (weighting factor).

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The impact of the fed on the dynamics of stock indices

The correlation between changes in rates by the fed and the situation in the Russian stock market (and, respectively, and the RTS index), certainly exist, and the relationship of changes in global stock market. The table systematized the results of the actions and statements of the chairmen of the fed on the dynamics of stock indexes. On a blue background shows the negative red — positive.

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