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Jim Rogers `Commodity exchange: the hottest markets in the world`
Material posted: Publication date: 17-01-2012

Every investor wants to invest money and to earn a stable income. For this purpose he should choose the most perspective object — assets for which demand and therefore their market price will rise. Today such assets are commodities, and most profitable method of investment — index funds. So says Jim Rogers in the past the successful businessman, earned in the 1970s, years of huge capital through the hedge Fund, which he founded in partnership with George Soros, the head of the index Fund, launched international commodity index — the index of the Rogers.

The author's conclusions based on many years investment experience and analysis of various stock markets and tangible assets. In the popular form Rogers tells, how with the least risk and the highest best use of available funds. The book is intended for beginners and experienced investors, and anyone who wants to understand the basics of the exchange, and become a successful entrepreneur.


Publisher: Olimp-business / RANDOM HOUSE
Year: 2008 / 2004
Pages: 256
ISBN: 978-5-9693-0098-9 (pyc.) / 1-4000-6337-X (eng.)

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