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Cryptocurrency and blockchain progressively changing labor market
Material posted: Publication date: 20-12-2017
Boom in cryptocurrency market happened about five years ago. Now the activity does not decay, but rather grows exponentially. About bitcoin say it is not only geeks, but also the "guys next door" who's next "Classmates" never was. What can we say about the representatives of the sphere of information technologies.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain gradually reshape urban labor market. According to Indeed, the number of vacancies and profiles of job seekers, the title of which contains the word "blockchain", "bitcoin", "cryptocurrency" from November 2015 increased 6 times. And the number of posted vacancies with the mentioned terms has increased 10 times.

The demand for specialists in the blockchain and cryptocurrency is much higher than the workers. It's not surprising — almost all major companies, including Uber, eBay or Capital One, prefer to search such experts. But find them they do not always.

The range of disciplines related bloccano and cryptocurrency is very wide — you can find almost any job from Project manager to Data scientist. Actively looking for crypto analysts — representatives of this sector are engaged in the development of investment strategies for cryptocurrency; developers to implement software and hardware solutions. There are more engineers in mining, financial professionals, journalists, consultants etc. by the Way, there are more new courses, some universities add a specialty for those who wish to go on the crypto path.

The most specific professions that are associated with bloccano are:

  • engineer blockchain (the Blockchain engeneer) — the man in the street to this position will not work, requires a professional developer with serious experience in programming in a language such as C/C++, Go or Java;
  • blockchain developer (Blockchain developer) — here we need a developer who has sufficient experience in the field of programming. But if the first job is something like system architect, here we are talking about the programmer who creates the desktop application;
  • developed by smart contracts — in this case we are talking about web developers with programming experience in JavaScript or Python.

These specialties can be associated with the existing technology, but in some cases their representatives are engaged in the development of new systems of cryptocurrency and functions of the blockchain. Based on the experience of already established professions, we can say that the developers who are planning to gain a foothold in the field of blockchain, you need experience developing in Java, Golang, C, C++, C# and other programming languages.

The blockchain is the result of a synthesis of several technologies, some of which were previously not the most popular. For example, applied cryptography — a few years ago, experts in this field were not very many, because rarely what profession was associated with the use of this field of knowledge. Of particular importance now is the experience in working with asymmetric cryptography.

I wonder what duties a separate blockchain and cryptosporella still not clearly defined. The field is relatively new, so each company has a vision of his specialty. Many organizations do not require deep understanding of technologies from a new employee. Banks work on bloccano attract ordinary programmers doing a bit of digression. Judging by the reviews, specialist enough, about 2-3 weeks into the understanding, then the programmer starts writing very decent code for the blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

If you need additional knowledge, they can obtain the courses from Coursera, this is no problem.

Most experts in the blockchain and crypto-currencies need banks and other financial organizations. Company for several years engaged in the research and implementation of distributed "chains" and digital currencies. Investments in this sector amounted to more than two billion US dollars. The search for new employees is virtually no different from how look for professionals in other fields. This hackathons, professional communities, social networks, traditional websites vacancies, events at universities, etc.

Well, how much is the expert on the blockchain? Middling developer General direction earns about $15-20 per hour. But the bet developer with experience in the blockchain is already $60-100. Despite such high prices, specialists in the labor market is still not enough. "Blackcanseco" poaching is not only money, but also other buns, including interesting projects, working conditions and so on. In the US, the blockchain-the programmer gets about $120 thousand per year and above. In our area, this amount is 2-3 times lower, therefore, the Western companies are happy to cooperate with developers from the CIS.

If the hype around the blockchain and cryptocurrency continues, we can expect further wage growth and skills needs.


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