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For the attention of our readers to the lectures, seminars and courses
Material posted: Publication date: 04-11-2010

For the attention of our readers to the lectures, seminars and courses of lectures. The event will be conducted by Center staff. We are planning to start classes in the formation of groups. Classes are to be paid. The cost of lekie to be determined, depending on the interest of the audience.

Separate lectures on the following topics:


  1. The history of the formation of the U.S. Federal reserve.
  2. The Bretton Woods agreement. International currency exchange. Forex.
  3. The financial and economic crisis of 2008-2009, its fundamental causes, ways of reaction in the US, the EU and Russia.
  4. The rationale for the introduction of new world currency, international supervision and regulation of the world financial system. The results of the April (2009) G-20 summit.
  5. Possible scenarios of development of the Russian financial market. The Russian financial centre is a tool of anti-crisis sustainable development.
  6. Major stock indices. The possibility of manipulation, values of stock indices.
  7. Methods for early prediction of timing of the onset of the financial and economic crises.
  8. Improving the quality of life – an urgent national problem (what is the standard of living and quality of life, system of indicators of quality of life, the formalization of the governance issues in relation to the improvement of quality of life).
  9. Questions of forecasting of socio-economic and socio-political situation in Russia up to 2020
  10. Methods and tools of problem analysis of national security of the Russian Federation.
  11. Introduction to Queuing theory (3 lectures).
  12. Introduction to optimal control theory (5 lectures)
  13. Introduction to probability theory (3 lectures).


Courses of lectures:

  1. Methods of analysis of hierarchies (methods of pair comparison and decision matrix) – 3 lectures.
  2. The theoretical foundations of the system of anti-crisis strategic planning: problem formulation, solution features, applied methods, possible outcomes (for example strategic planning for the development of the Russian mifc) – 5-6 lectures.
  3. Methods of numerical optimization of a nonlinear multiparameter functions: classification methods, especially optimization algorithms – 10 lectures.
  4. The main provisions of utility theory – 5 lectures
  5. Lectures on the preparation of dissertation works on technical and economic Sciences – lectures 10-15 (depending on filling).
  6. The use of mind maps in information-analytical work – 5 lectures
  7. Methods of working with information: search, classification, analysis – 10 lectures.

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