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Catastrophe "Boeing" in the sky of Ukraine is a CIA operation
Material posted: Publication date: 09-08-2014

Frederick William Engdahl (Frederick William Engdahl) - a prominent American economist, independent journalist, writer and scientist, author of several famous books and studies, participant of the project "post-globalization", is widely known for his appearances on the pages of Newspapers. In the latest issue of the weekly "top Secret", he published an article, devoted to the mysteries of death in the sky flight of Ukraine "Malaysian airlines" MH 17. The basic version of the Engdahl - disaster "Boeing" in the sky of Ukraine is a CIA operation under a foreign flag. Here is the full text of the article to your attention.

The world has seen these performances before. We saw this false flag during the Vietnam war incident in the Gulf of Tonkin. We saw this in a mock CIA and Saudi Arabia conflict with sarin gas in 2013. We have seen this in the case of falsified data about the intention to acquire uranium raw materials in Nigeria, which have been used in order to force the U.S. Congress to approve military action against Iraq and Saddam Hussein's regime in 2003, when the so-called weapons of mass destruction was never found. Now the world is again watching this show - desperate attempts of the US state Department and representatives of the CIA to blame Russia and its President Putin in the alleged provision of separatist rebels in Eastern Ukraine Russian high-tech anti-aircraft missiles that were allegedly used by the latter in order to shoot down the plane "Malaysian airlines". The accusation by U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, which he announced on July 20 in five (!) political talk-show, Russian President Vladimir Putin de facto responsible for the death of passengers of the downed Boeing. On the question of evidence, he proudly refers to "the social network"... Do no longer refer to that, Mr. Kerry?

Questions left without answers

One of the most shocking moments in the coverage of the crash of flight MN17 Western media is the absolute lack of serious, careful investigative journalism. Instead of acting with the utmost caution and not to rush with evaluations of situation that can easily escalate into a new cold war, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, and most media EU media including German simply quote Kiev government representatives and even neo-fascists, as if they are reliable sources. Meanwhile, they would have to start the coverage of this tragedy with several important questions unanswered. Main question: why the Kiev service air traffic control, part of the profile Ukrainian Ministry ordered flight MH17 to deviate from the planned route, which was to bypass the zone of military operations in Eastern Ukraine? According to the first reports tracking all civilian aircraft in real time, on Thursday July 17 flight MN17 "Malaysian airlines", performed by the crew of "Boeing-777" and coming from Amsterdam airport Schiphol to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), significantly deviated height and flight path from the route of all other commercial flights, which after the outbreak of civil war in the East of Ukraine in April of this year overflew the conflict area in southern direction.

Other key issues that had to be asked before you accuse anyone, and which were completely ignored by the Ukrainian government in Kiev, by the Obama administration in Washington and most Western media, are the following: why the pilot was flying in a restricted airspace? what instructions, if any, were given to the Kiev air traffic control to the pilot minutes before the tragic explosion? Curiously, after the first publication of data FlightAware, the website suddenly changed his version of the flight path of flight MH17. Had any pressure on them to change the data? If so, by whom? NATO? Washington? It is hard to imagine that it could be pressure from the "isolated" Russia.

Source: screenshots from the site compiled by Agelisa Careroom, sopostavimy all the recent flight path of flight MH17, otsloivshiesya FlightAware, which show that while all ten most recent paths lay at a safe distance South of the Donetsk region, and cross the zone above the sea of Azov, only on 17 July a tragic flight MH17 was held directly over Donetsk

Kiev fake video "irrefutable evidence"

Most of the arguments used by the Obama administration as to who is responsible for the downed flight MH17, based on citations of the official representatives of the Kiev government. After only a few hours after the plane was shot down, the Ukrainian intelligence service published, as she calls it, "proof" that flight MH17 was shot down by separatists trained by Russians, on direct orders from Russia. This was the video duration of 2:23 minutes posted on YouTube. The security service of Ukraine presented the alleged recording of conversations, first between the Pro-Russian separatist and his coordinator Vasyl Geranin, who, as mentioned, is a Colonel of the Main intelligence Directorate of the General staff of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. They talked about how that was "shot down a jet plane". No indication that it was a civil or military aircraft, no. And it could go on and Ukrainian su-25 downed militias a few hours earlier. In addition, according to the video on YouTube is impossible to prove that this audio track was pre-recorded actors in the Studio at the behest of Kiev or the CIA in order to increase the credibility of the Kiev government lied about almost everything since the very first days of coming to power.

All references to the "irrefutable evidence" completely disappeared from the media when persistent specialists-researchers at information technology found the time and the date of placement of video on YouTube, whereby the video was posted online July 16, 2014 at 19:10 Kiev time, that is, the day before the crash of flight MH17. Go back to Langley to the drawing Board, boys! Here is the credibility of the Kiev government!

Simultaneous exercises

We now turn to the consideration of a very interesting coincidence. Just as in the case of the terrorist attacks on the world trade center in September 2001, or in the case of the so-called Boston bombers, or many other acts of terror in just a few days and immediately after the accident flight MN17 conducted relevant Ukrainian-NATO military exercises. According to the data disclosed by former NSA employee in Washington by Wayne Madsen (Wayne Madsen), NATO and Ukraine conducted a ten-day joint military exercise, codenamed "Sea breeze", which included the use of radio and electronic warfare and electronic intelligence planes, like the Boeing EA-18G Glowler" and "Boeing E3 Sentry", the system of early radar detection of air targets and guidance AWACS.

According to Madsen, the exercise "Sea breeze" took part missile cruiser USS Vella Gulf, are equipped with combat information and control missile guidance system AEGIS. From the Black sea cruiser Vella Gulf was able to track the flight flight MN17 "Malaysian airlines" over the Black sea and any missiles fired at the plane. In addition, the aircraft electronic intelligence (ELINT) system long-range radar detection of air targets and guidance AWACS were also in the sky over the Black sea region at the time of flight MH17 over Ukraine. The plane Glowler able to cause interference in the radar systems of any weapons class "air-land". NATO exercises coincided with the crash of flight MH17, which occurred on July 17, just 40 km from the border with Russia. "The ships and aircraft of NATO waged a full radar and electronic surveillance of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions". The relevant question is why the U.S. government has not provided accurate data tracking flight flight MN17 17 July indicating when he specifically flew and where he was shot down? Probably they are afraid to reveal the information available to it, as it may boomerang to hit the Washington warmongers?

The US Agency does not only have satellite data on the MH17 flight, they also have precise images of the likely anti-aircraft guns, from which the rocket was fired, brought down the plane. And the photographs are clearly visible soldiers... dressed in Ukrainian uniform. According to the award-winning former Newsweek journalist Robert Perry (Robert Perry), one of the sources that provided him with accurate information in such matters in the past, said that "American intelligence agencies do have detailed satellite images of the likely anti-aircraft battery that launched the fateful missile, but the battery is this, it seems, was under the control of Ukrainian government troops dressed in Ukrainian uniforms". Does this explain why until today, the Obama administration has not provided detailed evidence to support their allegations that the fatal missile was fired by Ukrainian rebels supported by Moscow"?

The U.S. state Department changes the scenario

The official propaganda war against Russia, based on the crash of flight MH17, was unleashed as the Maidan coup, the neo-conservatives, centered around the U.S. assistant Secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia Victoria"fuck the EU"-Nuland (Victoria Nuland), which is also the former assistant Vice-President dick Cheney (Dick Cheney) and former Deputy of the former permanent US representative to NATO, whose husband, neoconservative Robert Kagan (Robert Kagan) is a co-founder of the project, the administration of Bush's "New American century", which became the ideological basis of the US war in Iraq in September 2000, just a year before the events of 11 September 2001.

The Deputy chief a press-services of the Department of state, former press Secretary CIA's Marie Harf (Marie Harf) at a briefing in Washington on July 21, fell under the hail extremely persistent and urgent issues of several journalists about why the presence of the us Secretary of state John Kerry and the American government "irrefutable" evidence of the involvement of Russia and the rebels to the crash of flight MN17, they refuse to disclose these data, as was done in other cases, for example, during the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. Forced to defend themselves and irritated with such issues Harf replied, referring to the statement Kerry made on July 20 that "according to our estimates, the missile was fired from the plant SA-11 from the territory controlled by Russia-backed separatists". But, surprisingly, what was claimed as proof, which demanded the journalists? Harf replied: "We know - we've seen it subsequently in social networks, photo Pro-Russian separatists, who boasted that the plane was shot down..." I apologize, ladies and gentlemen, for your amazement: talking pictures? This is something new! Apparently, feeling a growing need to provide at least some evidence the next day, July 22, CNN - devoted defender of the interests of the US state Department has published satellite images. Finally!

In this graphic image, which could make any newbie photo editor, there is no real or at least similar to real evidence in any independent UN investigation. As every hour was increasing the pressure on the us administration to publish the pictures of the reconnaissance, more and more it began to seem that the "evidence" presented satellite images of the CIA, actually showed Pro-Russian rebels shooting from anti-aircraft "Buk" in Eastern Ukraine, but rather a soldier, dressed in Ukrainian uniforms, as urged source intelligence Perry. As of the publication of the Russian government and military intelligence own data, probably some brilliant minds in the Obama administration, likely from the state Department and the CIA and, apparently, not without the help of hungry war adviser to the President for national security Affairs Susan rice (Susan Rice), 17:57 Washington time on July 22 held a closed-door briefing by "unnamed senior officials in the United States." According to its results, a senior U.S. intelligence told reporters that although the Russian supply weapons to the separatists, "the US has no direct evidence that the installation, which shot down a passenger plane, was delivered from Russia".

Us intelligence officials acknowledged that they did not know who fired the missile and whether the Russian was attended by the staff at launch. They are not sure that those who launched the missiles were trained in Russia. If we talk about who was released this rocket, the following is stated: "We don't know the name, we don't know the title, and even we for hundred percent are not sure of the nationality of the one who shot at the Boeing..." But, like a bad remake of Hollywood films featuring Laurel and hardy, "senior" us intelligence officials when they were asked to provide additional information to support their evidence, I for Marie Harf repeated mantra of the US state Department, admitting, "their conclusions are partly based on information and videos from social networks, who in recent days were released by the Ukrainian government," although to verify the authenticity of those messages is not allowed. For example, they referred to the video rocket launcher with a missing missile that allegedly crossed the Russian border after the launch. Later, however, in the survey, officials admitted that they had not yet verified that the video is credible.

The latter is particularly surprising, because it means that the performance of Barack Obama on 21 July on national television with allegations that the plane "Malaysian airlines" "was shot down over territory controlled by Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine" and that Russia has trained separatists and "provided their military equipment and weapons including anti-aircraft guns," was based on unreliable data. And by the way, because of this speech the whole world was one giant step closer to the beginning of the cold war with Russia, which can easily escalate into a hot war. A day later, one very high-ranking official in the US administration has decided to significantly weaken the confrontation.

CNN published a photograph of an American government satellite image, which shows how and where "Pro-Russian separatists" shot down the flight MH17 in the sky of Ukraine

Private army Kolomoisky: who shot down flight MH17?

This raises another question - who shot down MH17? And here's where it starts to storm and becomes truly dangerous. Exactly the area where he was released the fatal missile that shot down MH17, not really controlled by Pro-Russian separatists" and is under the control of neo-Nazi private mercenary army, organized and armed Ukrainian billionaire oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky is a puppet of the intelligence services of the US and Israel. He has dual citizenship in Ukraine and Israel, and runs his business Empire from Switzerland and not from Kiev. By the way, interesting fact: Biden's son - hunter Biden - the newly appointed Director of the Ukrainian gas and oil company Burisma Holdings Ltd., owned by Igor Kolomoisky.

In recent months, Kolomoisky has created his own mercenary army, which are armed with anti-aircraft complexes "Buk", from which was allegedly shot down the Malaysian airliner. It is interesting that not once Kolomoysky threatened terrorist acts against Russian-speaking officials in Eastern Ukraine, including assassinations. Kolomoisky, who is the second richest man in Ukraine, also has close ties to the leadership in Kiev Boryspil international airport, where, according to the statements, the troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine took control tower shortly before, when he was hit by a flight MN17. Was this seizure control tower of the Kiev airport just before the crash of flight MN17 committed by troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs under the direction and by order of the new Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov - a man previously wanted by Interpol for fraud, and a staunch ally of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and hater of Russia Igor Kolomoisky? Avakov first called rebels in the East of Ukraine "terrorists" - a label that, apparently, allows you to commit any atrocity against innocent civilians, like Israel in Gaza today.

In a personal conversation the chief of the Tbilisi Bureau of the magazine Veterans Today Jeffrey Silverman (Jeffrey Silverman) indicated the possible involvement of the satellite company Inmarsat to MH17. The competence of Inmarsat, among the major clients which includes the Pentagon and the U.S. government, today includes the majority of international communication systems, air traffic control. In the case of disappearance of another plane "Malaysian airlines", MN370 that occurred earlier, according to Silverman, communication with the flight was "lost" due to the fact that Inmarsat has disabled their systems, and until today it refuses to provide its existing data. In an interview immediately after the crash MN17 source about which we know only that it is a Spaniard named Carlos told ETN, an online news service that, by its own estimates, based on military sources in Kiev for the downed passenger liner are the Ukrainian military. He said that radar data is in Kiev were seized immediately after it became known that shot down a passenger plane, and all foreign employees of dispatching service of air traffic in Kiev were fired immediately. Carlos also reported that the same flight MN17 accompanied by two Ukrainian jet fighter over 3 minutes before the time the airliner disappeared from radar screens. We may never hear any information from Carlos, because immediately after the publication of his report in the Network he was gone, his accounts in social networks have been destroyed and no one seems to know about his whereabouts.

In Ukraine there are persistent rumors of a deep rift between the victim crushing defeat in the elections of Yulia Tymoshenko and "chocolate king" Petro Poroshenko, whose business Empire is largely dependent on economic ties with Russia. Kolomoisky, who is Jewish and apparently sympathetic to Israel or at least having Israeli citizenship, supported the tactics of the neo-Nazis are more reminiscent of the tactics of the SS, Hitler or the Nazi Gestapo. Kolomoysky's forces have modern weapons obtained from Ukrainian military arsenals and purchased on the black market. According to reports, they have anti-aircraft missile complex "Buk".

Kolomoisky forces consist of military personnel of regular Ukrainian army, neo-Nazi groups from Western Ukraine, and foreign mercenaries, including from Georgia, Romania, the extreme racists from Sweden and Germany and former commandos of the Israel defense forces. They are organized into four battalions: "Azov", "Aydar", "Donbass" battalion "Dnepr-1" (or "Dnipro-1") number of 2 thousand persons, which is responsible for arson of House of trade unions in Odessa on may 2 that led to the deaths of people, and a fire in the building city Department of internal Affairs in Mariupol on 9 may, in which people burned alive. Battalion "Dnepr-1" has also 20 thousand reservists. The backbone of the Army Kolomoisky are forces in the style of the Nazi "brownshirts", consisting of the most ardent supporters Kolomoisky, who used firearms, iron bars, and batons to seize control of factories and offices in Ukraine that Kolomoisky expropriated from so-called supporters of the separatists. According to reports, the Georgians in the army of Kolomoisky is trained to operate anti-aircraft "Buk", which the previous Ukrainian government of Viktor Yanukovych was sold to the then President of Georgia, protege of the United States, Mikhail Saakashvili. According to Madsen, Kolomoisky now enjoys "consulting services" of former President Saakashvili in Dnipropetrovsk in the military and political campaign against the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk national republics. If the bandits behind Kolomoisky, really involved in the MH17, this would explain why the neoconservative and Israeli lobby in Washington and in the world, especially in the media, so fiercely point away from Kolomoisky, Russian President Vladimir Putin. Apparently, Kolomoisky has indirect access to the highest circles of power of the Ministry of defense, NATO and the intelligence agencies of the United States. You need to begin a serious investigation against Kolomoisky and his international network. But at this stage it is clear that the attempt to blame Russia and Putin for the Downing of flight MH17 has failed. However, it is clear that such an attempt was not the last.


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