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Markets: estimates and projections

The project is devoted to the study of estimates and projections of modern financial and commodity markets. Attention is paid to the state and infrastructure markets, financial instruments and terms of market regulation.

Iran opened a floating storage

Iran began to sell oil from drifting along the coast of the Persian Gulf tankers. According to Reuter, for the last three months of 2016, when oil prices crossed above $ 50 a barrel, Iran has sold more than 13 million barrels of oil reserves – it is possible to track the change in position of the tankers.Stayed from 12 to 14 tankers filled with oil and waiting buyers – others have gone to the buyers. The total amount accumulated in tankers of Iranian oil from 29.6 million barrels in October dropped to date to 16.4 million barrels. Of Iran's tanker fleet has about 60 ships.

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Where it will arrive "black swans" in 2017

In 2017, the world's stock markets will be again under pressure due to issues in the United States, China and the European Union. What threats face by a Russian investor and how to protect themselves from them?

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The outcome 2016: the Russian gold in the depths of refractory ores

World gold production volumes stared at the ceiling.

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Germany accelerated the export of gold from the vaults of the U.S. Federal reserve

The German authorities have accelerated the process of withdrawal of gold reserves of the country from abroad. For the year 2016 in Germany from the vaults of the Federal reserve Bank of new York (part of fed) and the Bank of France was returned to 200 tons of the precious metal, according to Finanz, citing the German newspaper Bild.

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What year? View banking analyst

An attempt in simple language to explain to the reader the main processes that occur in the Russian banking sector.

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