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Markets: estimates and projections

The project is devoted to the study of estimates and projections of modern financial and commodity markets. Attention is paid to the state and infrastructure markets, financial instruments and terms of market regulation.

The decline of the era of oil at the end

The increase in proven oil reserves worldwide are declining with companies cutting back on exploration and strive to develop the most accessible deposits. Easy oil is already found, and hard to develop expensive and difficult. Against this background, oil production in Russia may fall by 8% by 2025.

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New US sanctions against Russia: when waiting for the fall of the ruble

It is expected that in 2018 the United States will announce new sanctions against Russia. They are, in fact, will be the first global financial sanctions against our country (the former is largely personal and sectoral) and can very seriously affect the Russian economy. Our experts tried to predict what will happen with the Russians, and that, first and foremost, you need to pay attention to survive the new year with minimal financial difficulty.

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Top tips from business gurus in 2017

Philosophers, physicists, business consultants and coaches — was talking about the leaders of the industry in 2017 — in the review of RBC.

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Naftalan failed to move the dollar

The main consumers of oil on the planet – China and India would prefer to pay for it in dollars and their currencies. But the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) see serious obstacles to this.

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The first step of Russia towards the giant LNG

If not for the curves of the frozen rivers on this barren ground of the tundra, the landscape on the Yamal Peninsula could be called the epitome of monotony. The Peninsula looks almost deserted, but at 2 500 kilometres North-East of Moscow, the picture changes dramatically.

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