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Bitcoin has replaced the banking system. Shadow economy.
Material posted: Publication date: 29-03-2018
Talking about bitcoin a lot. About the real economy for bitcoins know of one.

In Moscow there is a market "Moscow" in Lublin. Territory, the size of a small city. Officially there are about 30 thousand Chinese. Not officially – from 200 thousand. They all live right there, for territory do not get out. They are not seen and not heard. The Chinese do not die. If someone died, then released his passport. According to the documents this person continues to live another identity.

Try to find fresh information about this site in Yandex, Google, YouTube. It is not. The last mention of 14 year. When in the country there was a powerful struggle against cashing in. On the market accumulated a lot of cash. There came the cops, scraped unaccounted cash. After that, silence. The goods from China to Moscow, driven about a thousand different logistics companies. All these products fall in three places: Lublin, Gardener, South gate. On the territory of the market and a number of giant warehouses with shipping containers. Of these places, the product spreads further across the country. Make stripes of different brands, the product gets to the stores. It's what goes in most of the country. Almost all Chinese goods imported with undervaluation. Ie, it is a grey import. Nothing wrong with that. So the system works, which suits everyone.

Before crooked to pay for imported goods, the Chinese used the grey banking services. The Chinese have accumulated unaccounted cash. Nalik gave the bankers. The bankers sent money from their firms in Russian banks to Chinese firms in Hong Kong. With the joining of the Central Bank Nabiullina at 13, a bunch of bankers to jail, the banks were Poornima license. Grey banking squeezed. The cost and complexity of sending money to China have increased manifold. The Chinese had a strong shortage of banking services.

From the mid-17th year, the Chinese stopped selling cash. The price of the nal in Moscow began to grow rapidly, because the Chinese were a significant supplier.
Where did the Chinese cash? Goods continue to go. Sold. Banks anywhere, cash is still the same unaccounted for. It seems like nothing has changed. But cash is not.

The Chinese simply changed the way of sending money. Instead of Bank operations, they began to buy up all available in the country bitcoin. Bitcoin was transferred to Hong Kong. There his elementary and instantly cash in. Purchased new goods. Thus, the Chinese have abolished in their system the need for banking transactions between countries.

In Russia on the exchange. "lokalbahn" appeared very strange accounts: the summer of ' 17, they just buy bitcoin. Purchase amount – already over 20,000 of bitcoins each account. Bitcoin these accounts do not sell. For example, account one. And the money comes from thousands of different accounts of Russian individuals. These persons are drops. They receive a one-time or ongoing fees for using your Bank account. The price of localbargains they consistently keep the highest. Who are these accounts? Right. It's the Chinese.

The Chinese are always ready to buy the cue ball in any amount and for cash.

Similar processes occur in other countries, where the mass of grey imported Chinese goods. This includes all the CIS countries. The middle East. The African continent. Latin America.

Bitcoin is an opportunity for the largest manufacturer of goods to withdraw from the banking control of the United States. On the world money fly through correspondent accounts with U.S. banks. If the cue sold weapons, narkotiki and prostitutes, now it is a maintenance tool normal Chinese exports.

Here immediately become clear and the risks. Collapses when the cue ball? When Asian banks, for whatever reasons, will cease to obcessively the cue ball. The reasons here can be two: pressure the government of China or the US pressure. At first, it is extremely difficult to believe. 80% of mining in the world is concentrated in China, on the mainland. There produce and mining hardware. Would the Chinese, all would have stopped. The crypt, in fact, is the whole Chinese theme. But will start a global push by the banking system of the United States – Yes,the crypt collapses. Moreover, the process has already begun.

Here we come to the question, but when exactly worthless bitcoin. Then when banks in Asia will cease to produce cash. Then the Chinese will stop buying all of the loose cue from the market, it lost all meaning. It is buying the Chinese made the rising prices 17th year. There is a shortage of the cue ball.

My feeling is that bitcoin has less than a year. Banks in Hong Kong have already started to tighten the work with cryptomeria. To cash out the cue becomes more difficult. A specific example. I communicate with Hong Kong crypto currency exchange "Gatlin". Good guys. They closed two accounts in Hong Kong banks. After the application for discovery, they applied absolutely in all banks in Hong Kong, everywhere was refused. Now they open an account in another country. But to cash out EN masse the cue ball already there will not work.

Faster than the cue ball, all altcoins will die. Alta is a purely speculative thing.

While a lot of it people enthusiastically running around the world, saying that in the future bitcoin will replace banks, all have happened quietly behind them. And will soon die. Simply the pros have never been on the market Lyublino. Did not see the Chinese city inside Moscow. Never seen a sea container with goods. Faced with customs and with the real banking system. For them it's a different world. The world is quiet and big money. The world by which the performance of the strongest economy in the world.

To expand the horizons suggest to visit the market of Moscow in Lyublino. Will be able to eat Chinese food in the canteens where the menu is only in Chinese. In the dining room you will have to point the finger, because the European authorities are not there. Buy a variety of exotic fruits. Know that there are shoes for 500 rubles and a pair of jeans for 300. Next, in the industrial area, you can walk between the endless sea containers with the product. In short, this little trip to China.

And most importantly. Everything that you see there, bought for bitcoins. Therefore, ask the question: "is bitcoin to buy something real?" is not entirely correct. In fact, most people are dressed in stuff bought with bitcoin. Just pay not them personally.

Thank you for reading to the end. If the topic you found interesting, please repost. Will have an incentive to write a sequel.


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