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Humanity can abandon fossil fuels within 10 years. But only if you want
Material posted: Publication date: 21-04-2016
The desire for complete renunciation of fossil energy sources is seen is not really so impossible. The main thing is that this desire really was. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Sussex. In their view, humanity can completely abandon the consumption of coal and oil in just one decade. This conclusion is made on the historical evidence that the rest of the world somehow tries not to notice.

Professor Benjamin Sovacool, head of research, notes that the transition from some energy sources toward others and previously happened very quickly, but the combination of several factors: "strong state support", as well as some economic and environmental incentives that pushed and berated this transition.

For example, the canadian province of Ontario it only took 11 years to completely abandon coal power, while in France only 12 years nuclear power has risen to 40 percent. If we talk about fossil fuel sources of fuel, it is possible to stimulate them can global climate change, reducing fossil energy resources, and the development of more advanced technologies of energy production.

The researcher recognizes that, in some cases, especially when some sources of energy are very much integrated in the overall infrastructure, the transition may not be as fast as we would like. For example, for the same wide distribution of electricity took more than one decade. However, Professor Sovacool believes that even if the transition will last, and slowly, it does not mean that we should abandon him as hopeless direction. After all, efficiency in this case depends on the common desire and effort.

Of course, the creation of these joint efforts is a different question, requiring a clear decision. While those same electric cars and renewable energy is slowly but steadily gaining popularity among society, they have to face serious opposition from the industry, working with fossil energy sources (and the politicians who defend it). These factors prevent an early transition to cleaner sources of energy. Furthermore, developing countries cannot afford to abandon fossil fuels. Cost is very expensive and will leave many people without regular sources of energy.

Accelerating the transition will not happen as long as the political and economic benefits of using clean energy does not become so obvious that even the most die-hard supporters of fossil energy sources and fuel will agree with them.

Nikolai Khizhnyak


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