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Black black April or August? The global elite are preparing a new financial crisis
Material posted: Publication date: 07-04-2018
Trade war the US and China, confrontation between the West and Russia, the endless fight themselves Western elites, and the story itself say that this year will be another in ten-year cycles of global economic crises, which changed the entire world scenario. The only remaining question is whether we will see a Black APR or, as usual, Black August.

Today officially started the trade war between the two biggest economies in the world. On Sunday, the Ministry of Commerce of China announced that China is to protect its interests and compensation decided April 2 to enter in the 128 imported from the US goods fees as countermeasures for Washington imposed import duties on steel and aluminum. These actions were a response to the Memorandum "On the fight against economic aggression of China" that the US President Donald trump signed on March 23. This Memorandum allows to impose restrictions against products from China and may cost China approximately $ 60 billion. In particular, the US imposed import duties on steel in 25% and aluminium 10%. The decision came into force on 23 March.

As usual, the current open conflict is only the tip of the iceberg and the parties were preparing for a trade war to her ad. On March 26 the Shanghai stock exchange has launched trading oil futures. Only for the first twenty minutes of trading was concluded on 14 thousand contracts. And there is the impact of the dollar fall eyes: Iran and Venezuela refused to trade oil for dollars, Nigeria sells oil in yuan, Russia and China trading in their currencies. I should add that China is the largest consumer of oil on the planet - is in active discussion on the topic of transition to the yuan is still with Qatar and Saudi Arabia and in case of success, that's petrodollars.

Another field of economic battle becomes Africa, where China has recently opened a military base in Djibouti. The US has already expressed "concern about the emergence of the Chinese military in Africa". In Washington expressed concern about the fact that the base in Djibouti is to play with time an increasingly important role in military operations in China. "This expansion of naval influence to protect commercial interests and the regional interests of China in the region", - concluded the Professor of strategic studies at the US Naval War College, Peter Dutton.

True, just worried the Chinese. Considering that the U.S. just recently stood behind a military coup in Zimbabwe, the change of the President of South Africa in the Pro-American owner of McDonald's, the device of the Kenyan independence now support the opposition in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which could break new terrible civil war, and in all of these countries, China had a financial interest in investments, there is the appearance of the Chinese army is more than justified - the United States simply squeezes out. By the way, is in Africa that the economic war is quite able to go into the hot phase.

Even more fun is if trump will answer in your style - the Chinese should be punished for its response. That's when you can expect any development of the situation.

My 5 cents can make Russia. The media has leaked information about the plans of our elites, in response to a possible attempt to take away invested in us bonds cash, ending copyright on their intellectual property, including "Windows" and "Android". Then not only Russian users will be able to breathe more easily, but the market will soon be filled with cheap Russian counterparts of the American software. "Market capitalization "Microsoft", for example, exceeded five hundred billion dollars. A few more companies, "Oracle", "Adobe", for example, is estimated at one hundred billion dollars each. No, of course I don't want to say that we automatically pick up half of that fat cake. But the value of assets it speaks eloquently. If the Russian authorities will have enough mind and will to bring the situation to its logical ending and to allow our software development companies to buy the right property management Agency for the American software and start legitimately to officially support and implement both the domestic and the global market for new older operating systems, antivirus, graphics packages, programs for design, game engines, etc., etc., we can not only greatly annoy the Americans, but in a relatively short time to fully "beat" all the losses related to the seizure of our assets," - spoke about the prospects of a breakthrough in our electronic economy, the publicist Victor Kuzovkov. The only thing he doesn't mention Victor, if our knock down American IT, you'll get the whole virtual economy, then the crisis of 2008 will seem like child's play. Although there is not less dependent on "partners".

Of course, we need to change the Constitution, removing from there colonial article about the primacy of international law, and to remove from the Government economists, Gaidar, for whom even stuttering about something like that is akin to sacrilege. However, as if by chance, but went back and talk about the abolition of this article of the Constitution, and the defeat of the clan Magomedov served not only as a blow to Medvedev and Dvorkovich. "The active role of FSB means that a brake job is not to pull, and, moreover, the case Magomedov will be integrated into the perimeter cleansing Dagestan, the Dagestani cash and traffic of capital into banks, the EU, Turkey and offshore in the Caribbean. Arrest Magomedov will put a big cross on the future of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich and badly hurt himself Prime Minister. Tangentially will affect the assistant to the President Tsukanov. Interesting information - as told today, Arkady Dvorkovich allegedly removed from the list of missions from the government July 2018 and removed all of his speech at the SPIEF 2018," reports the Telegram-channel "Nesigur". I should add last year's strike by the Gaidar - the arrest of one of the most active representatives of "snake hill" - speaker; power clearly gives to understand that it is no longer untouchable.

However, while this is all rumours as rumours and freezing our accounts. Quite possibly, these rumors and started to cool the hot Capitol guys. However, if the States will continue to increase pressure and continue to "crush Putin" that there is more to see.

Meanwhile, this year is a jubilee over the last 50 years the world financial system reeling in exactly every ten years. In 1968 there was a sharp devaluation of the us dollar, which was caused by pressure on the economy the war in Vietnam, cold war, ever-increasing imports from Europe, etc. Richard Nixon promised to end the war in Vietnam, but under the influence of his advisers began to slow down the process to end the war, the full escalation of the conflict occurred in 1969, when the United States began mass protests of the population, the political crisis that ended with the resignation of Nixon. In fact, the generation of the sixties today has come to power there.

1978 - problems within OPEC led to the fact that the price of oil has increased significantly, which led to the ensuing recession. Financial crisis spread to South America. Contributed to the crisis and the Islamic revolution in Iran. In the US political crisis. In 1979 the Soviet Union sent troops to Afghanistan.

In 1988, the financial crisis occurred because of non-payment in USA, sagging stock market, etc. the Strongest banking crisis in Scandinavia. The political and economic crisis in the USSR was the background against which Gorbachev, Yeltsin and other traitors have brought down the Union. In 1998, the world has faced a financial crisis: it happened in South-East Asia and spread to other countries, including Russia.

In 2008 occurred the global financial crisis and the crisis of the liberal idea of globalism. As a result, the era of global restructuring, which is still. Each previous crisis has been caused by different reasons and has evolved in different ways, but after each the world has changed. And in the court in the year 2018, the reasons for the new crisis car and small truck, and that's what he is, who or what will be its trigger, we'll know soon enough. Although we hope that a bad tradition in this time the world passes.


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