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Dominant minorities: eight people on Earth own half of the world's condition
Material posted: Publication date: 16-01-2017
Half the world's wealth is in the possession of only eight people — they possess the same amount of funds that 3.6 billion people on the planet that make up the poorest half of humanity. This is evidenced by the results of the study Oxfam — an international Association of organizations dedicated to solving the problem of poverty. The final report noted that in comparison with last year the gap between rich and poor has increased. According to the forecast of experts, the first dollar trillionaire could emerge within 25 years.

"It is outrageous that such wealth is in the hands of a minority, while one in ten of the planet's inhabitants are forced to live on less than $2 a day. This inequality holds thousands of millions (of people. — RT) in poverty. It destroys our society and undermines democracy," said Oxfam Executive Director Winnie Byanyima.

According to him, wages around the world are shrinking, while the heads of business empires get millions in bonuses.

"Access to health care and education for the poor is limited and corporations and rich people evade paying taxes. Voices of the poor are ignored, and governments adapt to the needs of big business and the rich," said Byanyima.

Economics for billionaires

According to researchers, the report shows that the current economy favors the concentration of wealth in the hands of the elite, rich at the expense of the poorest people on the planet, most of whom were women. In this state the most wealthy people is so great and continues to grow at such a rapid pace that the first dollar trillionaire will appear in 25 years.

"To spend $1 trillion, need to spend a million dollars every day for 2738 years," the report said.

It is noted that dissatisfaction with inequality has led to a number of high — profile political events- such as the victory of Donald trump in US elections, the coming to power of Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines and the decision on breccia in a referendum in the UK. In the period from 1988 to 2011 the incomes of the poorest 10% of the population has increased by just $65 per person, while the incomes of the wealthy 1% — $11 800 (that is 182 times more).

The richest eight

According to Oxfam, the richest of people, mostly US citizens. Among them, only two other countries — Spain and Mexico. The three richest people in the world include Microsoft founder bill gates (USA) $75 billion, the founder of Inditex Amancio Ortega (Spain) with $67 billion and the CEO and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett (USA) $60,8 billion.

These findings are contained in the report on the widening gap between rich and poor. The document was prepared by the international...

Followed by the owner of Grupo Carso Carlos slim Helu (Mexico) — $50 billion, chief Executive officer of Amazon Jeff Bezos (USA) — $45.2 billion, Executive Director and co-founder of Facebook, mark Zuckerberg (USA) — $44.6 billion, Executive Director of Oracle Larry Ellison (USA) — $43.6 bln and the owner and CEO of Bloomberg LP Michael Bloomberg (USA) — $40 billion.

Offer Oxfam

In Oxfam noted that the world's governments can take steps to normalize the balance. This should raise taxes on the state and high income, as well as to establish funds for investment in health, education and job creation.

In addition, the authorities need to support companies who care not only about shareholders, but about the welfare of their employees and society. In the example of the lead researchers of the Mondragon Corporation, where executives are unable to salary, more than 9 times the minimum salary of the employee.

The study by experts of the organization was held on the eve of the world economic forum in Davos, which runs from 17 to 20 January.


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