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Jim Rogers `vision of the Future of one of the most influential investors in the world`
Material posted: Publication date: 16-11-2013

The legend of wall street, bestselling author Jim Rogers shares his approach to investing, the methods of economic and political analysis, based on the lessons of his own life. In his new book, Rogers sometimes shares his observations of what is happening in the world and what are the trends for the future.

He explains why in the twenty-first century dominant economic power will be Asia and why he and his wife and two daughters moved to Singapore to prepare the whole family for the coming changes. He tries to find out the reasons for the decline of America and the European Union and to establish that we can do to to prevent this. Rogers argues that the age of wall street where the financial sector has provided up to 25% of growth of America, came to an end. The economy of the future will be determined by commodity markets — food, energy, goods and consumables. This book is for financiers, investors and anyone interested in autobiographical works of famous people. The book is written in his own sarcastic, but entertaining manner.


Year: 2013
Publisher: Mann, Ivanov and Ferber
ISBN: 978-5-91657-846-1

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