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George Soros predicted bankruptcy of Russia in 2017
Material posted: Publication date: 11-02-2016
The financier George Soros considers that bankruptcy in 2017 when the term of payment of considerable part of foreign loans comes can threaten Russia. To avoid it, Putin wants to push to crash the European Union.

«Putin's mode is threatened with bankruptcy in 2017 when term of payment of a considerable unit of foreign loans» will come, - billionaire George Soros in a column published by the project warns. According to the financier, popularity of the working president of Russia Vladimir Putin is based on «the contract with a society» according to which the acting head of the state should provide financial stability and steady (let even slow) growth of a level of living.

«Because of the western sanctions in a combination to sharp reduction of prices on oil of the power of Russia not in a condition to constrain any of these promises. Deficit of the Russian budget constitutes 7 % of gross national product, and the government should reduce it to 3 % that inflation has not got out of hand. These and other events will have negative consequences for a level of living and opinion of voters on the eve of parliamentary elections in the autumn», - it is marked in a column of Soros,

According to Soros to help Putin be kept in the power the European Union collapse which disintegration would release from Russia at least from a unit of the sanctions imposed on it could. «Moreover, Putin can receive considerable economic gains from division of Europe and use communications with the Antieuropean batches carefully cultivated by it», - Soros marks.

Desire to push EU to crash, according to the billionaire, the present policy of Russia in Syria military operations in which strengthen inflow of refugees to Europe speaks. Soros believes that invasion of migrants Putin as «ingenious tactics», should use possibility to accelerate European Union disintegration can destroy EU compelled now to struggle with five or six crises simultaneously, and.

Present leaders of the EU countries, according to Soros, make «an awful error», including Putin the potential ally in struggle against «the Islamic state» (IGIL, the organisation is prohibited in Russia). Proceeding from IGIL Soros considers threat exaggerated while Russia names the contender of EU in «to race on a survival».

«Putin Russia and EU participate in race in due course: a question in the one who from them will fail the first... With the threat proceeding from Putin Russia, it is difficult to struggle. Inability to recognise threat will make a task of even more difficult», - Soros writes.

According to the Central Bank, in January-September, 2017 of Russia it is necessary to pay a little less $60 billion on external debts

In November, 2015 genprokuratura the Russian Federation recognised as undesirable the funds founded by Soros «Open society» and "Assistance". In the message of the State Office of Public Prosecutor it was noticed that activity of the organisations «poses threat to bases of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation and safety of the state».

Experts of magazine Forbes estimate Soros's condition in $24,9 billion Recently the billionaire actively acts with criticism of actions of Russia, and also a policy of EU. In particular, he advised to German chancellor Angela Merkel and the president of France François Ollandu «to learn at Putin». In the autumn of 2015 Soros declared that to one of the reasons of migratory crisis was that EU states «have selfishly concentrated on own interests».

Soros also declared that China to which disintegration also threatens can become the instigator of the Third world war. In its opinion if China will not manage to reorient economy on satisfaction of internal demand instead of export, there is "probability" that its governors will begin the external conflict to prevent disintegration of the country and to be kept in power.

In the beginning of 2016 Soros has warned about inevitable to "rigid landing» economy of China which will lead to falling of quotations in world stock markets and to global strengthening of deflationary pressure.

Evgenie Kaljukov

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