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China and Russia blame U.S. in the absence of gold
Material posted: Publication date: 25-11-2014

Edition today King World News interviewed the man who opened the most important information in the last 25 years. He said that in very near future China and Russia are going to publicly announce to the world that they do not believe that the United States has 8100 tons of gold, although the latter claim that it is the storage. He also spoke about the repatriation of German gold, "the gold initiative" Switzerland and the large informal foreign exchange reserves of China, which are held outside the jurisdiction of the Central Bank of the country.

Below Steve Quayle invites KWN readers around the world in a shocking trip down the rabbit hole of lies, propaganda, criminal international banking syndicates and murder.

(Note – we offer our readers an excerpt from the interview)

Eric king: "Steve, I know what you disclose relevant information in the next 25 years. You've read the KWN interview with "the Insider provides Shakiroglu the truth about German repatriation of gold. Your thoughts?".

Quayle: "Well, Eric, it must be obvious to your readers that it's not even an issue, whether the gold remains on Deposit at the fed. While gold leasing, which occurs for a long time, people have to understand that there simply is no gold to repatriate from the Federal reserve. The question is who has the most to gain by covering this fact?

The answer is: The one who was in cahoots. Thus, although the issue of the repatriation of German gold has become a major theme in the German press, thanks to the efforts of the gentleman whom You interviewee and his associates, it is important to understand that very recently (post-Venezuela) in every single case when a country has requested repatriation, the request was rejected, or the country has received back only a symbolic amount of gold.

First of all, there is no gold in the vaults of the Federal reserve system of the USA.

And secondly, people need to understand this famous quote:

"During times of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act".

George Orwell

Quayle continues: "We live in a time of universal deceit. From "the godfather" of newsletter readers, Richard Russell, ending with billionaire Eric Sprott and others, they all say they never seen anything like what we have now.

The same people who manipulate the markets of gold and silver, the same people who destroyed the middle class in the USA, own all major world media. That is why the truth about what is happening, hidden from the public. So again, to keep the secret just, but there is no gold to repatriate".

Quayle added: "Less than a year ago I had access to information about the future plans of economic warfare. This information indicated that in very near future China and Russia are going to publicly announce to the world that they do not believe that the United States has 8100 tons of gold, although people claim that it is in storage.

China already has a huge reserve of physical gold, far more than anyone else in the world. We're not just talking about official data on the tonnage registered. People forget about the history of the Chinese Empire that existed for thousands of years, and the gold that was accumulated by emperors.

I was told about the situation the gentleman who is married to one of the most high-ranking Chinese government officials. He said that he was in one of those underground salutogenesis. And he said, "It was not a Bank". "I was in a safe bunker. And as far as your eye could see, the room was filled with gold. This is the gold that can be molded into beautiful bars for delivery and is used to reserve the Chinese currency.

Presumably China hopes to accumulate 10,000 to 11,000 tons of gold. My sources in China told me that these numbers are extremely low. There is a reason that made Russian President Vladimir Putin to facilitate the purchase of gold. They want to keep up with the Chinese to dominate the world at the time, as the power of the West continues to wane".


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