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Markevich A., Harrison, M. `the First world war, Civil war and recovery: national income in 1913-1928 Russia.`
Material posted: Publication date: 05-10-2013

The years from 1913 to 1928 are the last period in the history of Russia and USSR in the XXth century, which was not the reconstruction of the national accounts. During that period he wrote the First world and Civil wars and post-war reconstruction of the economy.

The authors performed the necessary calculations to fill this gap and came to the conclusion that the Russian economy has coped with the hardships of the First world war is somewhat better than was generally assumed. On the contrary, the Civil war was for the country's economy much more serious disaster. The heavy legacy of the war years could not fully overcome and in the years of New economic policy. We compare the performance of the Russian economy in this and other periods of history of the XX century, as well as a comparison with other countries. On the basis of calculation results it is concluded that the First world war and Civil war become Russia's most severe economic shocks of the twentieth century.


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