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Assessment of the status and prospects of bilateral cooperation between Russia and Uzbekistan on the improvement of the stock and commodity markets
Material posted: -Publication date: 04-10-2007

From the II century BC to mid second century ad on the territory of modern Uzbekistan Great silk way. The rich and fertile subject of artificial irrigation of the land to the East of the Caspian has been repeatedly attacked by Persia, China, India, Arabs and Turks. The greatest civilization of the ancient world East and middle ages have left their mark on the cultural and social life of the population of Central Asia.

The content

1. General characteristics of the country and the economy.. 4

2. Uzbek-Russian relations.. 5

3. Problematic issues of Uzbek and Uzbek-Russian cooperation. 9

3.1. Political sphere. 9

3.2. In the economic sphere. 13

3.3. General conclusions on possible directions of Russian-Uzbek relations.. 16

4. General characteristics of stock market of Uzbekistan. 16

4.1. The bond market 18..

4.2. Integration of stock markets. 18

4.3. Plans for cooperation with Russia in the field of financial markets. 18

4.4. Exchange system. 18

4.4.1. Uzbek Republican commodity exchange. 18

4.4.2. Republican universal agro-industrial exchange. 20

4.4.3. Republican real estate exchange (RBN) 21

4.4.4. Stock exchange "Toshkent". 22



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