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Markets: estimates and projections

The project is devoted to the study of estimates and projections of modern financial and commodity markets. Attention is paid to the state and infrastructure markets, financial instruments and terms of market regulation.

Tire and rubber in Hitler's Germany

Briefly about natural rubber and how much of it was imported to Germany and how it happened. Hitler was taken autarkic (self-sufficient and create self-sustaining German government) To do this, Germany needed the following basic resources. Food, coal, oil and iron ore. If the coal problem was solved at the expense of own production, with the rest had significant problems. Somehow move iron ore and oil inside of Germany impossible, so it was supposed to push the boundaries of Germany, notwithstanding that the Deposit was inside.

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The state with fuel in Nazi Germany during the period 1933 - 1945

It is known that gasoline, kerosene, and solar oil produced from oil. Those interested can get information on obtaining gasoline and other fuels for example here. In this regard, many believe that the oil in Germany for the period of time was supplied exclusively from Romania. However, it is not so. In Germany and Austria (which was annexed to Germany in 1937) had oil.

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