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The prospects of gold from the Russian point of view
Material posted: Publication date: 09-05-2014

One of the greatest challenges of the West and USA in particular, is an increasingly limited perspective through a very narrow prism, fully painted as a result of applying the elite of its main propaganda machine – the mainstream media. Help people not waiting more from their government, but the requirement and expectation of more, because in the end people will realize that the only one they could really rely on, but are unable to do so, they were.

All information necessary for making more competent decisions. Just need to change their bad habits of uncritical expectations from local sources of information and to take a more active role in the search for truth. In a country that relies on a police state, increased militarization and watching her obedient population NSA (Stasi), the truth will not wait – just the lies, of course, distributes the Obama administration.

Ask yourself, what is your impression about Russia and Putin? And then think about the following information about the one and the other. Never in the history of the world bankers [mainly] Western Central banks have not issued anything other than worthless Fiat currency, is no provided, controlled by non-elected bureaucrats who do not owe and are not accountable to the citizens of the country, your neighbors and everyone you know. That's the world most of you live, not casting doubt. Others, outside the Western sphere of influence of the Central banks, firmly holding their respective governments and refuse to remain victims due represents Fiat currencies inflationary degradation of the West and resulting rotting from the inside.

Who first raskazival the situation in Ukraine? The United States is headed for teleprompter reading corporate President Barack Obama. What did he do? Threatened with economic sanctions, given the possibility of neo-Nazi thugs to continue to incite riots, steal or take, if you prefer, at night, Ukrainian gold, and to extort from the country billions of dollars transferred into Swiss banks. Any of these steps at least a little constructive, not to mention valid?

And what did Putin? Aggression in response to aggression? No. Just patiently waiting, as exhausted doomed to failure events. While Obama is doing everything possible to stir up the hornet's nest in the area of the world to which the U.S. has no business, in order to get involved in it, Putin allows him to take as much political ropes and how Obama needs to hang himself. Meanwhile, Putin is busy pulling together deals with other countries and preparing the natural gas deal with China Russia the means to change the course of events. All prisoners and are in the process of concluding the agreements will bring Russia's income as a country. What kind of income?

More rubles, yuan a bit, maybe even some gold. The complete absence of the use of the dollar disappearing as the world reserve currency. Putin approaches his task of governance seriously and responsibly.

Putin despises Western Central banks and continues to strengthen the ruble. He makes deals with other resource-rich countries. Obama invade a oil-rich country. While one side of the world Obama is seeking war with Syria and Ukraine, Putin is busy in other agreements with ignored Obama's neighbors, Mexico and Latin America. While Obama allows the fed and wall street to continually suppress and disparage the gold market, Putin is boosting the gold reserves of Russia. There is no unsecured ruble.

What did the Obama to strengthen US financially? Nothing, on the contrary, he has increased government spending without any means of ever paying for them. Through their scheme of enriching insurance companies at the expense of deprivation of people available insurance coverage he has worsened the situation of millions and millions of Americans.

Most Americans have never heard of the Russian "Gazprom", although Exxon Mobil fades in the background. In anticipation of Western sanctions, Gazprom has achieved gas contracts with China. If "Gazprom" will not sell more than one energy unit of natural gas to the West, the final line in the report will continue to grow at the expense of natural gas sold to the East. Moreover, Gazprom would then sell the goods only for rubles, yuan and gold, and no petrodollars.

Russian banking system has responded to petty and futile Western sanctions, Usulutan him with one raised finger. Russian banks have stopped using the dollar and all his trust was moved to the rouble, with the aim of occurrence of the ruble as part of any new world currency. American banks continue to catch citizens forced into the trap of perpetual debt. Russia has the second largest gold reserve in the world and the largest in the world the debtor country. The US always liked to be first.

The fact that Russia in all respects, has abandoned the dollar, combined with the fact that its oil and gas trade it will be only in rubles, will hit the U.S. and the West more than any sanctions on [not]achieving which may be generally hope Obama. As a result of the repulsion from Russia [completely unfounded] Western banking system, the U.S. is losing trillions of unsecured dollars in response. And it's not just Russia. Doing so as all the other BRICS countries. USA and Central banking do's seppuku (harakiri), financial (voluntary) sparivanii belly.

Still consider Russia "evil Empire"? Here is a quote of one of deputies of the Russian Parliament about the US and its Fiat currency:

"The dollar is evil, it's a dirty green piece of paper on which the blood of hundreds of thousands of civilians in Japan, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Korea and Vietnam. Our national giants will not suffer a loss, if you to contract deliveries in rubles or alternative currencies. Russia can only benefit. With the West need to act paradoxically. We will sell rubles to consumers of gas and oil to buy our own raw materials, then to change rubles for gold. Do not want — let does not take and freeze. While they will unfold in 3-4 years, we acquire huge stocks of gold. The Russian company is national oriented and stop crediting the economy of the USA, obviously hostile to Russia." Source: newspaper "Izvestia".

What American ally Germany? Guess you just turn around Germany, when the going gets tough? To the East! She has very important financial ties with Russia. Germany is tied to the USA? Mainly by force, and criss-cross the country, the tentacles of the NSA raise serious protest.

Israel. Probably the most devoted ally of the USA? Actually, aggravating the situation in Ukraine, the U.S. pose a threat to Israel's security. He has his own floating production gas platform "Tamar", and he concluded with "Gazprom" the agreement on export of liquefied natural gas.

Much of this has anybody read or heard from the government-controlled mainstream media? No squeaking, no offers. The elite want American citizens remain fooled, and American citizens, staying in the dark and a firm unwillingness to take note of any alternative sources of information that meet these requirements. The task of the elite is to rely on total control over the Newspeak of the corporate and bankrupt Federal government.

We have not even covered everything that can be lit against Russia and Putin, or, for that matter, Obama and the Federal government. We have not even touched China, India, the rising BRICS powers as an independent, absolutely external to samoopredeleniya the United States and separated from them.

The acronym BRICS brings to mind the story of three little pigs who built houses of straw and twigs, that has fallen (on paper), unlike the reliable, built of bricks. Building together their financial ties, the BRICS will use a large amount of gold.

Nothing stated does not answer the question "when", but the message is clear – financial purity and power in more or less large extent, rest on gold as the standard, at least indirectly. The message must be the same for all of us who are trying to withstand the inevitable consequences of the destruction of Western currencies unsecured financial system. East, some parts of the Middle East and even Central and South American countries are hoarding gold. At this stage there is no reason to worry due to the fact that the gold goes down or even increases. The final phase of the game is not determined by short term price, it will start when the gold, freed from the control of Western Central banks, will rush to its natural price level, and the main thing in that moment is not to be left with nothing with worthless paper in their hands.

By the way, elites are not stupid. It is possible that they even specially prepared the end of the receipt, the Federal reserve "dollar". Perhaps it was planned to replace "dollar" with another kind of unsecured emission of SDRs (special drawing rights), which must be carried out all Supervisory non-elected or representative government. They could be the BIS (Bank for international settlements), or some similar elite organization. But for all the decades of planning it was not possible to predict the rise of the East and the use of gold as a means of currency control.


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