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The cause of the Ukrainian conflict – gold?
Material posted: Publication date: 15-05-2014

Essentially, the US was robbing the rest of the world for several decades – they have managed to find a way to distribute your currency for all countries and perform basic transactions only in us dollars.

But more and more countries are tired of this situation. A couple of the most powerful countries is already beginning to show its teeth, as the U.S. and NATO threaten their national sovereignty. Daniel McAdams almost weekly mentions on the various social organizations, which are waging a revolution in Syria and Ukraine (and not only) people – revolution aimed at the overthrow of lawfully elected leaders who refused to trade in American dollars.

Now the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are creating their own financial and trade institutions to protect their economies. The US is using its agents for suppression of "dissent", and then, as in Ukraine, nominated for the posts of leaders of the obedient NATO puppets, even if it is not in the interests of the country.

David Jensen proposed a theory about the reasons for the isolation of another war, this time in Ukraine. He believes that the reason is that all the gold will now go not to the West, and China due to the manipulation of the gold market leading banking institutions in new York and London. However fake the futures markets in the U.S. will soon come off – this will happen when the United States will not be able to support their claims about gold, and it will eventually undermine the credibility of the dollar and the U.S. financial system. Jensen suggests that instead put the blame on something else, but not at the mass manipulation of market prices of gold on "JP Morgan", "Goldman Sach" or the other usual "culprits", the United States will come into conflict with Putin and try to blame him.

In the world there is a lot threatening the dominance of dollar events. For example, the Eurasian customs Union, which includes Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, in may to sign the agreement on an accelerated formation of the economic Union and joint currency called "Altyn".
Altyn was used on the territories of several Russian principalities from the 15th century until 1991. First altyny made of copper, and during the reign of Peter the Great appeared silver altini. Of course, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus occupy a large area, but the population is relatively small. However, the US threatened China and other Asian countries with so-called "Core". As the US is on the side of Japan against China, it is clear that the U.S. is pushing China to rapprochement with Russia and thereby accelerate the emergence of an independent financial system that threatens the dollar and all related privileges of the United States.

So, the main question: how long you can support gold using the controversial securities markets in new York and London, where a handful of large financial institutions do a huge transaction of sale and purchase in the futures markets? The forward rate on gold (It) on the spot market earlier was higher than expected in the future. It was observed during the last six months. The graph below shows that since about fourth of July 2013, a rate It took a negative value in the two time periods. Although it was some time positive, in the last two or three weeks she again became negative.

Storing gold also costs money, because the cost of money changes in time, and under normal circumstances it would be cheaper just to buy gold now because in the future it could grow again. But the fact that the rate remains negative It is not a day or two, as it was before, but the last few weeks, raising concerns about the benefits of purchasing gold.

Perhaps a currency war is getting closer, and evidence of that every day becomes more and more.

Jay Taylor



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