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Russia strikes a preventive blow... system of sovereign gold ruble
Material posted: Publication date: 08-09-2014

The government is engaged in the formation of a sovereign payment system, independent from the dollar, at its Foundation can be laid Golden ruble. It seems that it is not impromptu, but the result of careful preparation. Indeed, it is unacceptable to act rashly in the construction of a new system of ruble settlements. Indeed, it should be not only completely independent, but are insured against the dollar and the currency speculation that has considerable weight and experience monetary institutions of the West, such as game down and such. Will be crowned with success if the attempt to shut domestic financial the door "banksters"?

It seems that after "podrumski" sanctions against our banks, financial aces with wall street advised the White house to lose momentum, because there well see that the exclusion of credit institutions of the Russian Federation from their area of influence does not promise global financial bigwigs are no benefits.

It is known that "immature democracy" like Russia, have no right to separate, fenced off from the civilized world: what if the Anglo-Saxon financiers will want at this moment to borrow some money by the next Scam. And that we don't "zakulisi", the Washington backpedaled, declaring the imposition of global sanctions that would hit Russian banks, "break". Action will be taken "point" and showpiece — against certain credit institutions.

""== An electronic archive of OVIONT INFO: This appeared on a hand to Putin and his associates, has long been trying to enter a sovereign financial system, which is based on the real economy, and above all the country's resources, is provided by energy and gold stocks. ==""

This, quite peaceful, at first glance, the move can protect the economic activities of our society from all sorts of currency speculation. Many consider it a "Declaration of independence" and tantamount to a Declaration of war against wall street. And brute force the enemy will be routed "backwards" against him. The first step is done: the Bank "Russia" — the leader among financial institutions that work only with rubles.

The turn occurred not in secret, on the contrary, show. At the entrance to the Bank was erected, let, while not enormous, the symbol of the Golden ruble as a sign of the strength of the ruble, the availability of its gold reserves of power. This forced the Western bankers to think about.

In fact, publicly expressed intent, perceived by many as a threat: to put an end to the Western bigwigs of deals, which Russia fleeced to the bone. And today, our country will do everything to free themselves from subordination to the global currency market. Internal resources to transform its economy into a fortress for political and financial gamblers.

And this step is only the first on a long journey, — said the head of VTB, which shows that the domestic banking system had a long way to the development of the rouble as a settlement currency. Unfortunately, the conversion of the ruble today led, as a rule, to negative consequences, such as the outflow from the country of capital and the inflow of speculative foreign investment, which significantly weakened our securities markets.

The challenge today is to take advantage of the convertibility of the ruble, selling abroad of domestic products and raw materials for rubles, and to use them to purchase foreign goods. The President supported the formation of a new financial system, casting doubt and bringing in the example of China and Japan.

In response to a verbal demarche Barack Obama about the regional status of Russian, which is the main threat to the security of the U.S. and intimidating all by reason of its weakness, the eminent trader global gold market, Jim Sinclair told about the possibilities of the Russian Federation to crush the U.S. economy. And Obama — figure, constantly accused of weakness and ill will, tried to recoup at least in words.

In the States it is considered a characteristic feature of politicians who recklessly throws around the sanctions, recognizing the economic realities of the situation. In contrast the President of the American financiers declare specifically that the Russian forces to destroy the economy of their country in four financial progress.

""== An electronic archive of OVIONT INFORM: in an article IN the authoritative transatlantic economic edition is known to the trader determined the direction of impact of Putin's, "owning economic nuclear bomb". ==""

The first hit can be directed on the dollar. The power of the national currency of the USA is based on the Convention with the countries of the OPEC about nominating all contracts for the supply of energy in dollars. Only thanks to this "green" is ensuring, oil.

If Russia will be thrown a glove to the petrodollar by selling energy in other currencies, the momentum will be changed, quotations of the American currency can be reduced significantly.

Such actions of Russia in the global financial market is a natural result of the loss of American influence in Europe, which will be the second blow. Sinclair is sure that the transfer of payment for energy in euros will lower the American currency to the European rate to a half dollar. In the end the Euro will rise, presenting Europeans with opportunities to make payments in their Bank notes, and the cost of energy carriers will fall.

The result will be that eventually metamorphoses of the data, the cost of gasoline in the U.S. will rise to 20 per cent, of what ordinary Americans, who all motorists, Washington will not forgive. And this is the third shock, experienced by the consumers of the States, will send Obama a knockdown.

The final, fourth slap in the face for the White house, which will be a knockout, will be the collapse of the US stock market. After all, Russia holds the petrodollar in the hands and has the ability to bring down Dow (the main indicator of the overseas market). Moreover, the fall can be so that the story is not yet known.

""== An electronic archive of OVIONT INFORM: the Result will be that USA will make the use of payments not in dollars but in other currencies. This, in spite of all the interbank system, "is equivalent to shot yourself in the foot". The Russians are quite capable of overturning the American economy, i.e. completely throw her. ==""

Famous financier bitterly States that waving the American flag as your heart asks, but that will not deprive Russia of this possibility. In General, the economic nuclear weapon in the hands of Putin, and it can be powered at any time.

Looks like market adage that money, unlike the politicians, no nationality, and therefore the financiers, if desired, can be objective, as opposed to politicians, is largely correct.

Dmitry Evdokimov


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