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The media of Latin America: "gas war" between Russia and the West in the Balkans
Material posted: Publication date: 16-07-2017
Argentine La Nacion (08.07) talks about a personal meeting of presidents of Russia and USA in Hamburg in an article entitled "a Prelude to a turning point in relations between Russia and the USA". According to the newspaper, the two leaders took the first step towards improving bilateral relations. The talks between Vladimir Putin and Donald trump on the sidelines of the G-20 summit has begun with unpleasant for the Kremlin, the topic of the alleged Russian interference in American elections. Trump for 40 minutes trying to get Putin's answer to the question: if Moscow interfered in the elections or not? At times, the situation escalated, and Putin has loudly demanded that trump evidence.

The newspaper claims that the parties failed to agree on this issue. As evidence, she quotes the words of the Ministers of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the United States. So, according to Tillerson, the achievement of a common position between the US and Russia on the question of a possible interference of the Russian authorities in the American elections is unlikely. At the same time, according to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, trump acknowledged that the campaign to accuse Russia of meddling in the American elections takes on a strange character, because for many months not presented a single fact.

In turn, the Mexican La Jornada (08.07) writes that the first meeting between Putin and trump ended with no significant agreements. After coming to the White house Donald trump, the leaders of Russia and the USA four times and spoke on the phone and admitted that relations between Russia and the United States are at their lowest point since the cold war. For Protocol shooting trump and Putin smiled and firmly shook each other hands. But then strong hands did not get, and the two leaders only managed to agree to continue work to find common ground in resolving their differences.

According to the newspaper, Putin and trump agreed on only a few specific questions. In particular, the establishment of a communication channel to promote the settlement of the situation in the South-East of Ukraine based on the Minsk agreements and the ceasefire in the South of Syria.

The most sensitive issue for Americans — the possible intervention of Russia in election in the United States remained open. The parties were unable to agree on the establishment of a special working group to develop a framework agreement on cybersecurity and non-interference.

The presidents of Russia and USA have not agreed about the date for the next meeting, points out La Jornada.


Nicolas Maduro and Vladimir Putin discussed important strategic topics, according to the Venezuelan El Universal (10.07). The presidents of Russia and Venezuela in a telephone conversation discussed the implementation of mutually beneficial joint projects. The Russian leader stressed that Venezuela is the second trade partner of Russia in Latin America and the Caribbean, and noted the growing role of South American countries in trade and economic relations. Putin praised the efforts of the Maduro on the normalization of the political situation in the country.


The newspaper reminds that since the beginning of April in Venezuela are the largest in recent years, protests organized by the opposition. The reason for them was the Supreme court decision expanding the authority of Maduro and limiting the functions of the Parliament controlled by the opposition. During this time, has already killed 90 people, injured about a thousand, several thousand were detained.

Russia has imposed temporary restrictions on import of live animals and animal products from Colombia because of foot and mouth disease, according to the Colombian El Tiempo (11.07). Restrictions relate in particular FMD-susceptible animals, and have not undergone a heat treatment that guarantees the destruction of the virus, raw meat and meat products, milk and dairy products. In addition, prohibited the importation of hides, skins and leather. Colombia annually exports to Russia more than four thousand tons of beef, the newspaper reminds.

Mexican El Economista (11.07) talks about the role of Russia's advocate in the American election campaign. The eldest son of Donald trump, Donald trump Jr. changed his previous testimony. Previously, he claimed that at the meeting with the lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, which allegedly "has ties to the Kremlin," discussed only the issues of adoption and not the subject of the election, now he says another.

According to the published email correspondence, he was willing to take the Russians from their alleged compromising information about the candidate on presidential election from the Democratic party Hillary Clinton. It was assumed that the data will be transmitted via Veselnitskaya. Trump Jr. claims that he did not told her father about meeting with a Russian lawyer, and admitted that he was interested in the proposed meeting, but nothing of interest for me from Veselnitskaya didn't recognize.

However, according to the version Veselnitskaya, the newspaper said, she did not offer to meet with trump, and she offered. She claims that she could not be any compromising information that it presented itself and is not connected with the Russian authorities.

Amid the intensifying scandal, the Kremlin, according to the press-Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, absolutely not aware of this story and have never been in contact with this lawyer.

The Argentine Pagina/12 (13.07) in the article "Gas war between Russia and the West on the Balkans" writes that this war is in silence, but the struggle for influence between Russia and the West could change the future of this fragile region. Moscow is suffering defeat after defeat: Slavic and Orthodox Montenegro had just joined NATO, in Macedonia, the new social-democratic government departs from the Pro-Russian orientation.

The appeal of Europe is that she invests in the local economy. In turn, Russia has energy leverage. A year ago, Gazprom claimed that put Europe one-third of its consumed gas. In the Balkans the importance of natural gas will increase as the rejection of coal generation required by the EU. Croatia has already become member of the EU, and other countries are at different stages of the accession process.

According to experts, the energy issue is a destabilizing factor in the region. In Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria and Macedonia, Russia tries to turn the gas dependence in the political, to prevent the integration of these countries into Europe, says the newspaper.

Currently, the Russian influence is limited by lack of infrastructure: no pipelines, the gas can't get into most of the countries of the region. In turn, the West hopes ahead of Moscow, supporting competing projects. South-East Europe — a crossroads of energy flows from East to West, says a former foreign Minister of Albania Paskal Milo. According to him, "interest in this region in economic and transit potential, as well as to the territory for gas storage".

Initially, Russia seemed to have won the energy battle, but the advantage today, seems to be to the West, says Pagina/12.

"Russian conspiracy" again makes talk of impeachment Trump, writes Chilean Diario Financiero (13.07). Opponents of trump accused the U.S. leader in obstructing justice in the investigation of the Russian "intervention" in the presidential elections in 2016 and shocked by the incompetence of the White house.

The subject of impeachment, says Diario Financiero, sounded in may of this year when the White house began to accuse in an attempt to influence the FBI investigation against Michael Flynn, some time worked as an Advisor for national security in the presidential administration. In may, trump has sacked the head of the FBI James Komi, according to official information, due to the mismatch between positions, but the President's opponents attribute this exactly with the case of Flynn and cooperation with Russia.

According to the newspaper, the clouds over the head of President's gathering. "The Russian business" continues to grow. Im busy now, at least three committees of the Congress. In particular, they can cook and a bill to ban foreign support during the elections. However, the most important — and most secret — is investigation, which is special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Will merge all these threads to pull on the impeachment of the prosecution depends not only on the results of the investigation, but the political climate at this particular moment, concludes Diario Financiero.

The Mexican Reforma (07.07) spoke about the history of the construction of the city fortifications in ancient cities, dubbed the Kremlin. Unlike medieval European cities, in ancient Rus cities were called only those settlements, which were built fortifications, surrounded by a fortified wall with battlements and towers. Inside these walled cities was the Kremlin that housed the cathedrals, Palace buildings and a military garrison.

According to the newspaper, the peak of the construction of the castles occurred during the reign of Tsar Ivan the terrible. In those days, was conquered Kazan and Astrakhan khanate, joined Western Siberia. To protect the urban population from the raids of the nomads were actively built protective structures and architectural ensembles. A masterpiece of world architecture, the magazine writes, is the ensemble of the Moscow Kremlin and red square, a UNESCO world heritage site.


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