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The state with fuel in Nazi Germany during the period 1933 - 1945
Material posted: Publication date: 16-04-2011

It is known that gasoline, kerosene, and solar oil produced from oil. Those interested can get information on obtaining gasoline and other fuels for example here. In this regard, many believe that the oil in Germany for the period of time was supplied exclusively from Romania. However, it is not so. In Germany and Austria (which was annexed to Germany in 1937) had oil.

The first mention of a German oil refers to 1546 (one thousand pyatsot forty-sixth year), when the German scientist George Agricola (real name George Power) is considered the father of German Mineralogy, noted that in the vicinity Hangsen found oil. The oil was extracted by locals and used to lubricate the axles of carts and other similar purposes. The first well in Germany was drilled near Wietze, which then belonged to Hanover in 1859. Industrial extraction of oil started in Germany since 1881, when about Alhama was found a Deposit of oil with sufficient reserves. Oil is produced in Germany to this day.

In this article we will talk about synthetic fuel. Because of its own oil and imported oil is not enough, and after Hitler's rise to power was taken autarkic, German chemists have turned their attention to what in Germany always had a lot, namely coal. The main methods of production in Germany was the Bergius method (aka method of hydrogenation) and a method of Fischer-Tropsch.

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