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Tehran-16. Who is the favorite in the game of chess the Russian and Iranian oil?
Material posted: Pankratenko Igor N.Publication date: 22-09-2016
Already at least six months, the largest Russian oil and gas companies every month regularly visit Iranian energy companies in search of lucrative contracts. One of the first and probably the most persistent was "LUKOIL". As found by the life company Vagit Alekperov in one step from obtaining the right to develop two of the Persian fields. But Iran plays his game, which is not too beneficial to the Russian side...

in the near future, the company may sign a Memorandum on the development of two medium-sized fields — Mansuri and AB-Teymur. This is stated in the report of the national Iranian oil company (NIOC), which read life. In a press-service "LUKOIL" have confirmed the fact of negotiations, but the further comments has refused.

In a press release NIOC Alekperov said only that the company hopes to begin exploration of the deposits in October. Still the main purpose of the visit of the President of "LUKOIL" in Iran was not so much the development of these two fields with total reserves of 5 billion bbl., how many return to the familiar even before the sanctions the project "Anaran". Yes, its performance comparable with the total numbers Mansuri and AB-Teymur — 2 billion barrels. But, unlike the first two, they are proven. "Anarane" learned life from the latest reports of the Commission of Majlis (the Iranian Parliament), "LUKOIL" until safeguards could not get, only continuing with the Persians already hackneyed talks, to no avail lasting since the lifting of international sanctions, Tehran.

LUKoil worked for several years in Iran: along with the Norwegian Statoil, he has developed the project "Anaran" on it in 2005, following the drilling of an exploration well discovered a major oil field Azar. Evaluation Statoil, production on the block Anaran by 2010 could reach 5 million tons, but further work was prevented by the American-European restrictive measures. As a result, in 2010 LUKOIL left the project and recognized a loss from devaluation of investment in Iran of $63 million Though $60 million he was subsequently reimbursed.

"Back to Persia" it would be good to start with "Anarane," told reporters Alekperov.

"Field, which we know, have studied, we have geological materials. We understand the geography, logistics. And the project of development is almost ready"
— Vagit Alekperov, head of LUKOIL

However, the interests of “LUKOIL” the Iranians into account, apparently, reluctant to take. The much more actively they promote desired projects. To sign the agreement "LUKOIL" with the NIOC is not the first time — the first swallow was at the end of January, then the company agreed to the search of hydrocarbons in the Northern Persian Gulf, just in the area of deposits, which the Russian company will sign the Memorandum.

And that's not to mention the fact that Mansuri from the AB-Teymur, in fact, already "clogged" the other foreign player in the Indonesian Pertamina signatory to a similar Memorandum of understanding with NIOC on these fields a few months earlier. Will any company work on a project together or deposits will have to be divided, representatives of LUKOIL, Pertamina and NIOC have not yet spoken. To participate in the development of the foreign investors have to form joint ventures with Iranian companies, selected by the local government, reported the Iranian news Agency IRNA.

In addition to conducting exploration and development of already discovered fields of Iran expects from the "LUKOIL" and the participation in already existing projects to increase oil recovery (enhanced oil recovery). And LUKOIL, according to oil Minister of Iran Amir Hussein, Zamaninia, ready for it.

Dizziness brought NIOC to the fact that in late August it announced the signing from seven oil contracts with foreign companies, including with Alekperov. Although, according to the Manager, until the end of the new contracts, "LUKOIL" do not know. Within two years Iran plans to sign contracts for the $25 billion they will All be long term up to 25 years, said summer, the head of NIOC Ali Cardura. A new type of oil contracts, according to Alekperov, under consideration in the Iranian Parliament and the Council of elders. The representatives of the two government agencies did not respond to a request.

The elements that we have seen, it is more attractive than a service contract under which we operate now on the territory of Iraq. It involves the sale of crude oil, the benchmark international prices, that is the agreement more flexible. But this is a pre-condition, after the amendments they can radically change, " said Alekperov.

While the deposits are not played out, Iran is constantly profitable to advertise — to call the Russians and the Chinese, the Europeans, says a leading expert of the national energy security Fund Stanislav Mitrakhovich. At the same time, the Chinese, by contrast, can be "LUKOIL" competition on a number of promising fields, since a substantial amount of the oil China used to get it from Iran. However, "LUKOIL" can competition be avoided, cooperate with less experienced players to counter the China lobby, he said.

— The same projects for which the prospective investor is already in advance clear, they are trying to hold, such as, for example, as "Anaran". Probably as soon as the contracts are signed for these two fields, "Anaran" will return "LUKOIL", — said Mitrakhovich.

The problem of Iran is that a large part of the production infrastructure is worn out, what is needed and foreign players, says the orientalist Igor Pankratenko.

— If two years ago, when Iran was under sanctions and willing to invest almost was not, we could count on preferences in the selection of projects for investment. The only competitor would be China. Now time has been lost and we are only "one of", — said the source. Despite the sanctions, those same Chinese companies continued to work. For example, recently a contract was signed to build the largest Iranian refinery jointly with China's Sinopec.

In the Russian oil sector, "LUKOIL" there are no competitors, said Mitrakhovich of the NESF. In the last few years the company started its second wave of expansion to the East, from Russia persecuting her poor conditions on taxation, the declining production in Western Siberia and the limits on the shelf, he enumerates.

Arseny Pogosyan


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