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In Syria, ISIS will begin to put its currency on this week
Material posted: Publication date: 15-10-2016
The terrorists prepared the release of their coins are of several types. The militants were planning to introduce its currency on the territory of Raqqa, al-Bab and Deir-ez-Zor.

As the correspondent of life from Syria Arthur Kebekov, the militants were planning this week to begin to exchange Syrian money in its own currency.

Photo: ©L!FE

The course is of the gold Dinar LIH* — 190$, and silver — $ 2.5. On the coins of the insurgents shows a seal of the prophet.

Photo: ©L!FE

Meanwhile, in Aleppo continues the offensive the Syrian government troops on rebel positions. Recall that with the help of Russian troops the forces of Bashar al-Assad has managed to achieve considerable success in the confrontation, in particular the release of ancient Palmyra and the way of life Costello.


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