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The financial system of a new era

The existing financial system came to the final of the development. Established as the basis of modern society industrivalnogo, during the formation of post-industrial society, it is no longer cope with the increased workload - a series of deepening crises that acknowledgment. What should be the financial system of a new era? The new, post-industrial world? This is the project.

Present future: why to banks and governments technology of a bitcoin

Blokcheyn, "a chain of blocks" — technology about which the world I learned a bitcoin thanks to an electronic payment system. But today блокчейн study the largest corporations and even the states. As for what purpose they want to find in it?

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Association of Deutsche Banks: блокчейн — revolution for calculations

The association of Deutsche Banks (Bundesverband Deutscher Banken) issued the report devoted to a digitalization of financial branch. Authors of the document, answering questions of representatives of the Bundestag, described current state and prospects of branch, including blokcheyn-technologies and microcredit. The association includes more than 210 Deutsche Banks, among which the giants Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank working on blokcheyn-projects within partnership with R3 startup. Bitnovosti prepared the reduced translation of the document.

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Gartner Says the Programmable Economy Has the Potential to Disrupt Every Facet of the Global Economy

The far-reaching technology-driven transformation that Gartner, Inc. defines as the "programmable economy" has the potential to disrupt virtually every facet of the global economy. The programmable economy represents a massive technology-enabled transformation of traditional concepts of value exchange, empowering individuals and smart machines to both define value and determine how it is exchanged.

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Negative rates: the prospects of changing economic realities

The global financial system is in a steady trend lower rates. In theory, this helps to alleviate the availability of money for economic actors and helps to increase consumption in reality - reduces maintenance costs difficult to be represented in their hulk of public debt levels and uplifts up stock markets. Factor, of course, not the only, but very influential.

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Europe, Russia and the US weigh in on ISIL bitcoin use

Following the recent attacks in Europe, Bitcoin has been linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). According to American Banker, FinCEN Director Jennifer Shasky Calvery noticed the trend, "There has been public reporting of connections of ISIL promoting the use of bitcoin and virtual currencies as a means of moving and raising funds.”

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