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The financial system of a new era

The existing financial system came to the final of the development. Established as the basis of modern society industrivalnogo, during the formation of post-industrial society, it is no longer cope with the increased workload - a series of deepening crises that acknowledgment. What should be the financial system of a new era? The new, post-industrial world? This is the project.

Deutsche Bank: paper money will disappear in 10 years

According to the CEO of Deutsche Bank John Krayan, development of digital technologies will soon lead to disappearance of paper money from a turn.

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Present future: why to banks and governments technology of a bitcoin

Blokcheyn, "a chain of blocks" — technology about which the world I learned a bitcoin thanks to an electronic payment system. But today блокчейн study the largest corporations and even the states. As for what purpose they want to find in it?

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Association of Deutsche Banks: блокчейн — revolution for calculations

The association of Deutsche Banks (Bundesverband Deutscher Banken) issued the report devoted to a digitalization of financial branch. Authors of the document, answering questions of representatives of the Bundestag, described current state and prospects of branch, including blokcheyn-technologies and microcredit. The association includes more than 210 Deutsche Banks, among which the giants Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank working on blokcheyn-projects within partnership with R3 startup. Bitnovosti prepared the reduced translation of the document.

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Gartner Says the Programmable Economy Has the Potential to Disrupt Every Facet of the Global Economy

The far-reaching technology-driven transformation that Gartner, Inc. defines as the "programmable economy" has the potential to disrupt virtually every facet of the global economy. The programmable economy represents a massive technology-enabled transformation of traditional concepts of value exchange, empowering individuals and smart machines to both define value and determine how it is exchanged.

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Negative rates: the prospects of changing economic realities

The global financial system is in a steady trend lower rates. In theory, this helps to alleviate the availability of money for economic actors and helps to increase consumption in reality - reduces maintenance costs difficult to be represented in their hulk of public debt levels and uplifts up stock markets. Factor, of course, not the only, but very influential.

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