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The financial system of a new era

The existing financial system came to the final of the development. Established as the basis of modern society industrivalnogo, during the formation of post-industrial society, it is no longer cope with the increased workload - a series of deepening crises that acknowledgment. What should be the financial system of a new era? The new, post-industrial world? This is the project.

Bitcoin as the national currency of the Internet

The idea that the Internet is gradually becoming a separate sovereign nation, for many years being discussed in the circles of techies, futurists, libertarians, anarchists, and many others. Before the emergence of Bitcoin all the discussion that such ideas were only the first glimpses of truth. With the advent of the Internet, Bitcoin has acquired its own local currency. But the very fact of having our own currency is an essential distinguishing feature of any independent state.

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Economic principles of Bitcoin revolutionary

Economists of the Keynesian school argue that a deflationary currency whose purchasing power tend to increase over time relative to other goods, will have a negative impact on the economy, because it creates a financial ecosystem that will stimulate economic actors to save money than to invest it in creating jobs and companies.

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