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The financial system of a new era

The existing financial system came to the final of the development. Established as the basis of modern society industrivalnogo, during the formation of post-industrial society, it is no longer cope with the increased workload - a series of deepening crises that acknowledgment. What should be the financial system of a new era? The new, post-industrial world? This is the project.

The refusal of cash — a unique Swedish trend

The Swedes rarely use cash. This year alone, almost one in five of the Krone out of circulation, and this trend unique.

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The unrealized potential of Islamic banking

Islamic Finance, or, as more likely to say Islamic banking, have very serious potential and can contribute to improving the standard of living of third world countries, where most of the population professes Islam.

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In Russia will create a national cryptocurrency

In Russia it is planned to introduce nationally adjustable cryptocurrency, reports "Kommersant" with reference to the Rosfinmonitoring. The specific bill yet, the idea is being discussed with representatives of banks, Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank.

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DCOIN — new cryptocurrency and your Uber for cash

Recently, the cryptocurrency becoming increasingly popular. Why? Primarily due to the almost zero cost transaction, fast transfers, lack of commissions and intermediaries. The majority of our readers are hearing probably the only cryptocurrency Bitcoin, since it is one of the most common, but in fact there are many more. Today we will tell you about one of them — Dcoin, Russian design, which has quite good prospects.

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Hackers have created their own payment system to steal money from all the banks

Hackers tried to steal 1.5 billion rubles, which is about 1% of the total profit of Russian banks in 2015. For this, they have registered a payment system abroad.

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