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The value of a brand of the Bitcoin grows imperceptibly, but is inevitable
Material posted: Publication date: 24-02-2016
The bitcoin often appears in the center of news, since crisis in Greece and finishing with today's disputes on the block size. Behind discussions of the price, volatility and political consequences, it is possible to lose sight of less obvious, however, very significant processes in Bitcoin life. Under cover of fog of the unpredictable essence the importance of a brand of cryptocurrency steadily grows. Bitkojn it is possible to name “private currency” and “a product calculated on the consumer”. And it means that its success in a greater degree depends on successfully constructed interaction with target audience in the free market. It is considered to be that the success at the buyer is connected with success of marketing strategy - a target audience choice, understanding of its desires and feedback with users for satisfaction of its requirements. However, at bitkojna there are no direct managers, hence and the brand of "Bitkojn" directly is not regulated by anybody. As it is strange, in it and its main force is concluded.

Understanding of psychology of the consumer

Since the company Coca-Cola (which helps buyers to find “the happiness moments”) and to Harward (giving confidence of the personal importance), the characteristic of the most successful brands always was their care of our latent emotional needs. So Bitkojn works also - all know that its brand is connected with aspiration to freedom.

Freedom currency

As Aristotle has told - “Money is not the goods which are necessary to us. In itself they are useless and can be applied only to reception something another”. People use any currency with only one purpose - to receive with its help something necessary in exchange. For the majority of us a word freedom means freedom to choose and do that we want. Why in that case not to expand the list of freedom to possibility of a choice of currency? Though this idea also is not new, nevertheless, Bitkojn has come to us to very convenient time, time of astable economy, strengthening of the state control and growing popularity libertarianskih movements worldwide.

Moreover, the brand "bitkojn" propagandises liberty of choice so accurately, laconically and intuitively clearly that its popularity can quite be under construction and develop without centralised management and the total control from a top to bottoms.

Unconditionally, this phenomenon has also certain risks. Beyond Bitkojnom long any loop of scandals lasts. For example, bitkojn-stock exchange Mt. Gox declared bankruptcy in 2014, having declared that 460 million dollars it has been stolen by hackers. This incident has unconditionally blackened image kriptovaljuty. Especially, in view of that fact that the wide audience has been badly informed on all technical moments of this history, and about what role in all it was played directly by Bitkojn.

Nevertheless, despite of everything, Bitkojn has continued to increase value of the name in the market environment. Price volatility was stabilised. Its right to existence admits financial institutions and even the whole countries, such as Great Britain. It has involved Uoll Strit who even develops something similar to PIFS (ETF), over one of which stars of the financial world brothers Cameron and Tyler Vinklvoss administer. Even ritejlery even more often come to necessity to accept bitkojny.

Lesson for all brands

All aforesaid does supervision over development of Bitkojna rather interesting, and also opens universal secrets of success which other brands can use.

The first - success of propagation of an element of freedom in a product. Freedom - one of base human wants. Probably, is not coincidence that fact that the most successful brands of our time give to the buyer of more freedom. For example, Apple sells freedom of a stylish and easy access to information. Uber sells freedom of personal movement. American Idol sells freedom to dream.

The second - success of free interaction of users. With development of social networks consumers had a possibility to extend brand philosophy directly, frequently giving the chance to it to develop even better, than under the control of professional managers. Such communications lead to occurrence of loyalty and trust from buyers. The companies assured of support of the policy from the consumer, successfully use it for advertising. For example, coffee house Starbucks its slogan “we Will meet in Starbucks”, or the program “Try on houses” from online of the seller of points Warby Parker. Such acceptances do not work for the companies which have not adjusted previously a two-way communication with the consumer. For example, with a crash failed twitter-advertising from McDonalds.

It is impossible to predict what events Bitkojn ahead or what will be its future as a whole wait. But at present it is possible to declare with confidence that he unequivocally knows how to conquer hearts of consumers. We do conclusions: the brands advancing freedom - win.

Kosha Gada


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