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DCOIN — new cryptocurrency and your Uber for cash
Material posted: Publication date: 23-05-2016
Recently, the cryptocurrency becoming increasingly popular. Why? Primarily due to the almost zero cost transaction, fast transfers, lack of commissions and intermediaries. The majority of our readers are hearing probably the only cryptocurrency Bitcoin, since it is one of the most common, but in fact there are many more. Today we will tell you about one of them — Dcoin, Russian design, which has quite good prospects.

The tool was developed over five years, and one of its advantages compared to Bitcoin full decentralization (detailed differences available in this infographic). Dcoin is based on the blockchain, which is distributed between a certain number of nodes (nodes), and completely written from scratch, so includes unique solutions.

The point is that each node in this case is tied to a specific person. To become a miner, you need to shoot your face on photos and video latest need in order to miner has not impersonating another person. Validate a new user happens to other miners without Central servers — it depends on a transaction between the nodes. As soon as you gain 10 positive votes (and earn 10 negative), can become a miner. In Dcoin also have the opportunity to DUSD about 4.5 per month (same in dollars) if you just specify the address of your page in Facebook or Vkontakte and pass the test account from the miners.


How it works

As we have said, the Central servers have Dcoin no. A full copy of the database is stored at each node and the exchange of new information between them is carried out by using blocks. Each transaction (and as many as 78 different types, unlike Bitcoin, where the only one) is signed by the user — this ensures that she held from him.

But some of the nodes, albeit with real users, is not enough. To the tool began to function, we need money. The designer has created the mechanism to implement Dcoin without the involvement of intermediaries like stock exchanges and banks — the distribution of the coins combined with the Dcoin exchange for cash. Only service 77 currencies — DUSD (to exchange dollars), DRUB (for roubles) and so on. For example, the miner wants to buy 100 at 100 USD DUSD: it sends to the network a transaction with your inquiry and waiting for a while, when there is a seller DUSD.

The developer decided to use an unusual model — a charge to the miner DUSD because he waits until someone wants to sell him DUSD. It is calculated by a special formula: the number of new DUSD is directly proportional to the currency willing to purchase a miner, and waiting time. No premine.

The DUSD exchange and other currency occurs both in person and through an electronic transfer of money. In the first case, it is sufficient to find who is near you with the right wallet, and then send a request with your contacts. Contacts are encrypted in such a way that access to them will not be able to no one except the recipient.


The recipient will receive your request, after which he will have 48 hours to enter a code that only you know. Only after entering the code, the transaction will be carried out. However, to meet in person is optional — you can, for example, DUSD to exchange to Webmoney and other e-currency.


It is noteworthy that an anonymous user can not cash out the DC (Democratic coin) miner, also minimized the probability of sending fake transactions through digital signatures that cannot be forged. Account access can only be obtained through theft of the private key, but it will reliably protect triple signed.

About users and earnings

In Dcoin there are two types of accounts — minerska and custom. The percentage for miners and users is established by the miners by vote: the miners it could be 1000 %, users — no more than 500 %. All this in a year, of course.

Unlike miners from users that they can create coins out of nothing.... Miner can earn and 100 DUSD, without spending a single cent: it needs to promise to pay a certain sum for DUSD (maximum $ 1,000). Of this amount goes mynarski percentage — for example, at 1000 % ready from $ 100 in a month he will get 22 DUSD. To share the latest real money it sends a request to the miner with the desired the promised amount, the exchange occurs at the rate of 1:1.

Users can't add the promised amount and create coins from nothing", but such accounts are completely anonymous, they have no limits. Coins from miners and users are reduced equally.

How to earn and lose money

Consider one of the variants of behavior of the currency — the vertical axis represents the total amount in thousands of dollars, on the horizontal months.


At around 1200 the volume of the promised sum equal to USD DUSD, then automatically triggered the trigger and the number of DUSD decreased immediately by 10 %. When repeat of the situation two days later there is another decrease by 10 % — so as long as the promised USD will be more volume DUSD.

Accordingly, those who gave cash for DUSD in August, was a loss of 50 % in the next month. Then they either fix the loss, or wait until DUSD will rise again. But those who bought DUSD in March or April and sold before the cuts, got a hundred percent profit. By storing data in the blockchain, anyone can monitor the statistics and create graphs to predict the volume reduction of coins.

There is another risk — you received the request and contacted the sender, sent him $ 100, and it stopped responding. Therefore, the most reliable way to exchange cash for Dcoin is in person, here is to fool you, no one can.

What are the prospects

But a lot of them — from e-Commerce through arbitration to decentralized crowdfunding and improvement of mechanisms of crediting. By the way, inside the Dcoin is possible to buy or sell any currency with the Commission less than 0.1 %.

The tool itself is not only posted on github and available on both mobile platforms (e.g. Android) and desktop (Windows, OS X, and others). Learn about Dcoin more detail on the official website.


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