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Fomin A. N. "Crypto-currencies in the digital economy: financial and economic arguments "for" and "against""
Material posted: -Publication date: 29-06-2017

After our previous publications on the topic of cryptocurrency 4 years have passed. During this time new information, an interesting thing happened resulted in additional prospects and problems in this area.

All this, on the one hand, stimulates continuing interest in the subject, and with another – supposes an adequate response from the analytical community for prevention of excessive euphoria and making the sobering skepticism.

So we decided to continue consideration of this subject. Moreover, in recent years it has become fashionable to talk about digital economy, and in a global scale. And what could be the world's digital economy without a global digital currency? And what might be digital currency, if it is not inherent properties of confidentiality?

Thus, we can logically come to the understanding of the relevance of the so-called will cryptowall, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Currently there are several dozens of different cryptocurrencies. In table.1 presents ten of the most advanced of them.

As expected, 4 years ago, the most important of them remains Bitcoin (Bitcoin). Note that sometimes they write and say "Bitcoin" (the penultimate letter "d" is replaced by "and"). For clarity and uniqueness next we will write "Bitcoin".

Usually, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, immediately begin to utter phrases such as bitcoin mining hash function, the blockchain, keys, etc. a Characteristic phrase of such publications are the following: "I will not disclose in this article the socio-economic impact of digital coins, and will focus solely on internal algorithms".

In this article we, on the contrary, we will not consider algorithms that sufficiently detailed information about which can be found in [2-5], and focus on assessing the socio-economic impact of the development of cryptocurrency, and for definiteness, let's do it on the example of Bitcoin.

Therefore, what we will write next, it will be interesting mostly financiers and economists. But the technologists and operators may also be interested in – in terms of the evaluation of the possible systemic risks to their operations.

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