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Popper Nathanael "Digital Gold: Tall Tale of the Bitcoin"
Material posted: Publication date: 27-01-2016
The book, most popular in the world, about the Bitcoin "Digital Gold: The Bitcoin history" leaves in Russian. The Dialektika publishing house just announced the printing edition which will come to bookstores in February-March.

Book of the journalist of New York Times Nathanael Popper (Nathaniel Popper) "Digital Gold: The tall Tale of the Bitcoin" by right is considered the most popular book about the cryptocurrency which entered the list of the best business books of 2015 in prestigious listing of Financial Times. We more than once wrote about this book in the articles, published interview to her author Nathanael Popper. In this interview, it drew parallels between the Bitcoin and the Internet:

"In 1994 it was very difficult to know who exactly will be large players on the Internet in the future. The companies, large at that time, disappeared over time, and the majority of the companies large at the moment didn't appear still long time. That is why I wrote this book as technology history. It is attempt to look at how the Bitcoin came to be on the place and who played in it an important role. As well as in a case with early history of development of the Internet, it is extremely interesting to understand how there are breakthrough innovations".

The book of the Popper quickly became the most sold on a bitcoin subject in Amazon and other western online stores. And now this best-seller will become available also to the Russian-speaking reader - the Dialektika publishing house took care of it. Here is how release of the book in the blog of the CEO of publishing house Victor Shtonda is announced:

The bitcoin — is the peer-to-peer payment system using the unit of account of the same name — a bitcoin, and the financial technology breaking many habitual ideas of money and their role in society. In the book "Digital Gold: the tall tale Bitkoyna" is presented tall tale how the idea of similar system initially interesting only to a small small group of enthusiasts, gradually drew to itself attention of the whole world the most unexpected characters take part In this history: the Finnish student and the Argentina millionaire, the Chinese businessman and the Netscape programmer founder, the unfortunate physicist who became the online drug baron, the twin playboys who condemned the head of Facebook, a shark of the venture capital and heads of the largest world banks, prosecutors, specialagents and senators of the USA, well and of course, the founding father Bitkoyna known under Satoshi Nakamoto's pseudonym. And though many are nonplused by thought of digital currency behind which the powerful state or the Central Bank, enthusiasts Bitkoyna around the world isn't necessary, from Beijing to Buenos Aires, trust in potential possibility of this financial system to become world-wide recognized money of a digital era. The book is addressed to all by that who is interested in modern financial systems, and in particular, cryptocurrency technologies.

The book is really read easily and with pleasure, isn't overloaded with technical details and calculated on the widest audience. It will be to the taste not only to inveterate bitkoyner. This book can be recommended safely to the relatives, friends and acquaintances as excellent introduction material in a cryptocurrency subject. That opens a bitcoin enthusiasts new opportunities: if you wanted to tell someone about the Bitcoin for a long time, but didn't know, from what party to approach this subject, "Digital Gold" can become for them an excellent gift. If you have a business (especially, connected with cryptocurrencies), such book too can appear very opportunely. It isn't a shame to present it, say, to business partner, clients or suppliers. And to various officials would be to examine it not so superfluous. The advanced order on the book can already be issued in shop.


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