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The financial system of a new era

The existing financial system came to the final of the development. Established as the basis of modern society industrivalnogo, during the formation of post-industrial society, it is no longer cope with the increased workload - a series of deepening crises that acknowledgment. What should be the financial system of a new era? The new, post-industrial world? This is the project.

Security of payments in e-Commerce systems. Tutorial

In the framework of the comprehensive approach the manual covers the issues of security of payments in e-Commerce systems. Consistently sets out educational materials about the objects of protection, threats, methods and means of protection, the effectiveness of the employed methods, means and activities.

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Popper Nathanael "Digital Gold: Tall Tale of the Bitcoin"

The book, most popular in the world, about the Bitcoin "Digital Gold: The Bitcoin history" leaves in Russian. The Dialektika publishing house just announced the printing edition which will come to bookstores in February-March.

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Bernard A. Liyetar 'Future of money'

"Floating in waves of money" as fishes, we don't think of the to "monetary habitat". The author of this book, the famous expert in the field of finance Bernard Liyetar, helps the reader to become "flying fish", to rise over a habitual environment to understand essence of money and to see possible scenarios them, so, and our future. And it does it not in the academic manner, and in the form of a peculiar best-seller, with a set of entertaining retreats. The book opens to people of an eye, not expert in this area, on with what they pay off every day.

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