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Research direction "Economy and Finance" is focused on in-depth study of the fundamental laws of the modern world and national economies. Particular attention is paid to the study of the causes and consequences of the financial and economic crises. We study the techniques and methods of assessment of the current financial and economic situation and forecasting of economic crisis. Separately studied issues related to strategic management and planning of economic activity.

Major political and economic alliances on the post-Soviet space at the turn of the XXI century their functioning in the global economic crisis

In today's world, there are several different unions of states. Some of them are effective, others have not yet manifested themselves, and others - so far only in terms of politics. The establishment of such unions participating States to pursue a variety of tasks - from financial and economic to military and political. Almost always, the leaders of the present and personal incentives for consolidation or integration.

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Fomin A.N., Kryukova S.A., Makarenko G.A. "About inflation in Russia"

When you start to talk about the causes of high inflation in our country, we usually first result in a large list of all the factors contributing to its occurrence. Then usually focus on a single factor – the high degree of monopolization of the Russian economy and high rates of natural (infrastructure) monopolies. An interested reader can easily find these materials online, for example, in sources1,2.

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Methods for predicting the onset of financial and economic crises

After the incident in 2008. the global financial and economic crisis that began with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in mid-September 2008, to the economists started to make a complaint about the insolvency of their methods of prediction of crisis developments.

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Methodological apparatus of strategic planning of complex of measures on creation of international financial centre

The report contains evidence-based judgments about the main directions of formation of the strategy of creating in Russia a financial center. The authors propose to use analytic hierarchy process to build a slim and clear plan of necessary works.

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The methodological apparatus and the results justify a "fair" stock prices of the issuers of second tier

Shares of companies whose shares are on the stock exchange, are an attractive investment instrument.

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