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Research direction "Economy and Finance" is focused on in-depth study of the fundamental laws of the modern world and national economies. Particular attention is paid to the study of the causes and consequences of the financial and economic crises. We study the techniques and methods of assessment of the current financial and economic situation and forecasting of economic crisis. Separately studied issues related to strategic management and planning of economic activity.

Fundamental causes and nature of the current crisis

Aanalitichesky report is the result of months of work on the identification and analysis of the main reasons that led to the devastating global financial and economic crisis.

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Possible scenarios of development of the Russian stock market

In theory, the stock market is a mechanism for investing funds in the interests of formation of priority directions of development of the economy. This seemingly simple situation calls for some comment.

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April (2009), the G20 summit in London and its main results

April 2, 2009 in London hosted a G20 summit, which was supposed to discuss the problems of reforming the global financial system.

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Topical issues of application of the mechanism of exchange trading to address water-energy problems of Central Asia

In the Central Asian region there are complex issues providing resources (water, electricity, gas, coal), the key element of which is water. In the USSR the problem of redistribution of resources between the republics of Central Asia and Kazakhstan were solved by administrative methods: set the volume of necessary supplies and appropriate tariffs for resources.

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Possible scenarios of development of the Russian stock market

The center prepared a new analytical report "scenarios of development of the Russian stock market". The report is 45 pages. Electronic version available on our website. The report considered three possible scenarios of development of the Russian stock market.

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