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Nine occupations in which artificial intelligence and robots will soon replace people

If you sit in a beautiful office, doing important and responsible work, in the evening going home on the Volkswagen Passat at an apartment in the new LCD, then all the news about automation, robots and artificial intelligence is unlikely to cause you fear of losing your place. However, not only laborers and sellers at fast food restaurants soon will be out of business. Maybe you did, too.


Will lead Russia to the world as the economic leader?

Does Russia have the forces and capabilities that will help it lead the world? Whether it has those essential qualities that make her the country, affecting the entire world community? Will European international organization, or NATO, Russia to rise? Let they world Russian hegemony, especially in an era when the United States gradually began to reduce the pace?


Elon Musk on the challenges of the future: cyborgization, drones and BOD

The head of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk believes very promising cyborgization, warned of the invasion of the drones and stressed the importance of the introduction of a basic income. His vision of the future Musk shared at the world government summit in Dubai.


Drones: from the expensive toys to the cultural phenomenon of billions of dollars

Among the many technologies that have captured our imagination over the past five years, there are such lofty aspirations as unmanned aerial vehicles, or simply drones. These high-tech flying machines opened new cultural entertainment, combining a hobby-enthusiasts and simple human curiosity: what's it like up there in the sky?


Gone is the world crazy?

If you look at the world around us through the prism of publications in recent years and months, there will be a feeling of the approaching end of the world or at least the end of the present civilization. Here the invasion of migrants, which can not digest Europe, and unexpected Brexit, and elections trump. Along with global challenges there is a continuous flow of negative information about children that stopped to read about the Internet, littered with fake quotes about garbage that clogged the bookstores, about the pseudo-and liaoliao replying to the television.


Возрастное ограничение