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Nine occupations in which artificial intelligence and robots will soon replace people
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 06-04-2017

If you sit in a beautiful office, doing important and responsible work, in the evening going home on the Volkswagen Passat at an apartment in the new LCD, then all the news about automation, robots and artificial intelligence is unlikely to cause you fear of losing your place. However, not only laborers and sellers at fast food restaurants soon will be out of business. Maybe you did, too.

Bank employees

Partly technologies have long podsizhivayut Bank kugauda. First, in 1961, in one of the new York banks was installed the first ATM. They quickly gained popularity and now meet at every step. And recently began to appear user-friendly mobile banks that allows you to manage your account anywhere, if you have a smartphone and mobile network is available. There are already banks, including in Russia, in which there are no Bank branches — all to conduct all transactions and resolve issues through phone and Internet.

Taxi drivers and truckers

Even 15 years ago for the average man the car is moving without the driver's help, would have seemed an obsession or strong "mojo". Now only the lazy Corporation that is associated with cars or computer engineering, test their own unmanned vehicles. Only in California are testing Google, NVIDIA, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BWM and another 14 companies. And this means that in our lifetime we will see greatly reduced demand for the two professions: taxi driver and trucker. The first one was good because for earning more or less sufficient for life money just want the car right. Truckers in the US is the last profession that allows no higher education to live not worse than the middle class.


If you still think that in the past leaving only the professions that are associated with the very much monotonous repetitive work, then you should start to worry. Systems based on artificial intelligence are quite capable to monitor the sources and write news reports. For example, the Associated Press will rely on writing notes based on quarterly reports of various companies like automated solutions that give the material just a few seconds after receipt of infopovod.

Factory workers

There is already rather surprisingly, why it is still in the factories are not automated all the processes that constitute quite a few monotonous mechanical action. And yet, if you are a poor Chinese guy, your life will soon become even more difficult as your 10 cents per hour for heavy repetitive work will soon melt away like smoke. More and more processes in factories avtomatiziruete. On the one hand, pervonachalnaya attachments high, but they pay off in much greater accuracy and speed, which can provide robotic systems. For example, last year the company Focxconn, which manufactures various electronics, including the iPhone and Xbox, replaced more than 60 000 workers with robots.

Movie stars

It looks unexpected, after all, to play the role in the film — not the same as to collect the same items on the conveyor. However, as has been repeatedly proved Hollywood, do not have to be on the set or even be alive to star in the film. The latest example — the next part of the Saga of Star Wars in which, thanks to computer graphics recreated images of the deceased in 1994, Peter Cushing and a young Carrie Fisher.

Insurance agents

Actually, it's not just insurance agents. Any work associated with getting some data from clients, customers, etc. already is the power of computers. Constant improvement in the areas of recognition of text, voice, images and video lead to what is now system-based supercomputers do so a lot faster and neater than the most responsible and meticulous people.


Imagine some huge hypermarket in which you once a week, go for groceries, and how difficult it is to maintain order among hundreds of his shelves. Somewhere on the price list outdated price, somewhere in the middle of the day over the product, etc. Not long ago, there was nothing better a person to keep track of all this. More precisely, many "people", each of which must pay wages, deduct money in the pension Fund and so on. But recently, one company originally from San Francisco has created a robot that, almost like a robot vacuum cleaner, riding between the rows and the second specifies where everything is wrong, where the error on the price tag and so on. Not far off the day when he will be able independently to fix any situation.

Financial analysts

It would seem, again a profession that requires great intelligence, but still it falls under the threat of extinction. But this is not surprising. Whatever the potential of the human brain, analysis of the huge amount of data every year given better computer systems. Now, with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the analysis of facts and prediction of events based on them become even faster and more accurately, so that person's going places in this area.


This is not new, but one of the most illustrative examples. Of course, all the doctors today just can't be replaced by robots and artificial intelligence, but some of the functions of technology has already surpassed human doctors. And this is not an offering of ducks and not washing the floor in the house, and the thing of which primarily depends on the fate of the patient is diagnosis. And this is again not surprising that diseases and their symptoms there are so many that nobody can remember them all. Sometimes even the doctors cannot months to determine the illness that ten minutes is able to find the IBM Watson supercomputer, after analyzing tens of millions of existing research, case histories and other materials.


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