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Drones: from the expensive toys to the cultural phenomenon of billions of dollars
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 05-02-2017

Among the many technologies that have captured our imagination over the past five years, there are such lofty aspirations as unmanned aerial vehicles, or simply drones. These high-tech flying machines opened new cultural entertainment, combining a hobby-enthusiasts and simple human curiosity: what's it like up there in the sky?

In 2015, one of the largest commercial developers drone DJI was valued at more than $ 10 billion, while major media companies like Facebook and Google quietly buying up manufacturers of drones, trying to reach the remote population, which is still left in this world without the Internet. With the help of high-altitude drones, sending down beams of lasers, these companies intend to provide Network even mountain villages and forgotten Islands.

But five of the most major applications, explaining the proliferation of unmanned aerial vehicles, you'll find below.


Well for drones that they are small, fast, agile, self-managed and can carry all sorts of things. Since Amazon first patented system of delivery drones in April 2015, we see new designs that allow companies to turn a small nimble plane in the device of delivery, deploying a fleet of drones. Drones are already delivering pizza and bottled water, fast food and first aid. Just not everywhere allowed.

Among other projects considered drones that deliver blood, defibrillators ambulance and other devices that are needed urgently, here and now.


In 2015 in new York city hosted the world's first Drone Film festival, and was soon followed by others around the world. In the same year, Dubai launched the Drones for Good competition by establishing an annual prize in the amount of one million dollars for inventors who come up with a better use for drones. Among the finalists were the most different drones Charterhouse biodiversity, search-and-rescue drones, and others.

Director Liam young has created the first film shot entirely by drones, called "In the sky robot". Artists place 360-degree cameras on the drones and create with their help the future of virtual reality, allowing a completely new way to look at the world.

The race involving drones

United Arab Emirates established the first event in the world Grand Prix Racing Dron, a British teenager Luke Bannister won in 2016, the first place prize money of $ 250,000. Since the race involving drones are gaining popularity worldwide and in the UK at the 02 Arena in 2017, will be the first professional race.


Drones have also have the unusual ability to reach places of nature, where no one could get nobody else. These machines were adapted for the needs of biologists, protecting the nature and trying to understand it using new methods. For example, primatologist Serzh Wych watching the monkeys, drones, and Neil Entwistle from the University of Salford is a map of the flooding in the UK, trying to determine an effective method of protecting the country against disastrous weather.

Ilya Hel



Journalists, too, quickly felt the power of drones. In countries with strict control of privacy, the drones began to use very actively. In Russia with their help, learn the possession of wealthy officials and in Turkey the police shot the drone activist who tried to shoot footage of demonstrations in Istanbul.


Among all these amazing applications there are also a lot of hype and hype about the future of drones. The rules are constantly changing, the freedom of movement is constantly limited to drones and security issues are becoming more pressing.

Already beginning to create systems of protection against the drones that protect the air space around, for example, the homes of the people. Also, it is unclear how it should look like a highway in the sky.

One thing is clear: capital investment in this area of technology continues, and there are no signs that it will end.

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