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Elon Musk on the challenges of the future: cyborgization, drones and BOD
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 15-02-2017

The head of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk believes very promising cyborgization, warned of the invasion of the drones and stressed the importance of the introduction of a basic income. His vision of the future Musk shared at the world government summit in Dubai.

Cyborgization and neural interfaces

According to Elon musk, over the years, the merging of biological and digital intelligence will become a reality. The relationship of man and machine the head of Tesla and SpaceX is like computer communication and networks. "The important role is played by the bandwidth, connection speed between brain and a digital copy. Especially at the point of conclusion," he said, speaking at the world government summit in Dubai.

It is the interface with high bandwidth to achieve symbiosis between man and AI and solve the problem of control and use. In other words, Elon Musk believes that without direct communication with the computer, a person can lose control of the machine intelligence and become useless link.

Previously, Musk has already talked about the "neural lace" — the neurointerface, which will lead to symbiosis of man and machine and protect humanity from turning into "Pets" of artificial intelligence. To share the details of the project, the entrepreneur promised in February.

Drones and unemployment

"I believe that in 10 years the car without full autonomy is a very unusual phenomenon," said Musk. Prior to this, the head of Tesla announced that a full-fledged drones will appear after 3-6 months, however it will apply only to company cars. Today in the production of their tools necessary for Autonomous driving, "iron", which is activated after the next update.

Despite the optimistic forecast, Musk has emphasized that this "undermining" of the industry will happen in 20 years. At the moment there are 2 billion cars, and annually produces about 100 million units of passenger vehicles. The average lifespan of a car can reach up to 20-25 years, so the entire global fleet will be Autonomous and not before 2040.

During the press conference, Musk stressed once again the connection of UAVs and unemployment. Many people earn their living by driving, and they will have to find new types of employment, the head of Tesla and SpaceX.

BOD and abundance

Solution total unemployment may become an unconditional basic income — a monthly fixed payment on the fact of citizenship without any obligation. "I think in the end the BOD will be introduced. It will be necessary", — quotes the Mask Fast Company.

BOD will respond to the increasing pace of automation, which will leave millions out of work people. While Musk believes that the technology will make goods and services cheaper and with automation will come in abundance.

Musk had previously spoken in favor of unconditional income and noted that automation will open up new opportunities and give them freedom. However, at the summit in Dubai, the businessman said that due to the lack of work people can feel useless and this problem will not be easy to solve.

Yulia Krasilnikova


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