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How IoT technologies will change the world in the next 10 years
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 19-04-2019

March 29, in the Nizhny Novgorod Technopark "Ankudinovka" iCluster hosted a lecture by Tom Raftery (Tom Raftery), futurist and IoT Evangelist SAP. Brand Manager web service, Smarty CRM met him personally and learned about what and how innovations penetrate into daily life, and that will change in 10 years. In this article we want to share the main ideas of his speech. Interested please under cat.

Spread the business model of "Product as a service". This means that the product is created on demand, but not stored in the warehouse, and immediately sent to the customer. It greatly reduces the cost. Available customization.


  • Motorcycles. Harley-Davidson offers to the customers to customize the parameters of the motorcycle. It is necessary to visit the site, identify the characteristics and place your order. You can even come to the factory and to follow the creation process of the motorcycle. Production time decreased from 21 days to 6 hours.
  • Parts. The UPS company manufactures spare parts with 3D printers. List of parts available on the website of the company. The client needs to upload a 3D model, choose material and decide the price. After payment he receives an order to address.
  • Air. Kaeser Kompressoren at the request of the clients makes the compressed air. It is necessary to use pneumatic energy, for example, hammers, cylinders for diving or paintball. The customer sends the requirements and promptly receives a batch cubic meters.


Briefly about the forecast

Energy from the sun and wind will become cheaper than energy from gas and coal.

Solar energy

  • Effect Swanson. Watt of photovoltaic cells from crystalline silicon fell to $76,67 in 1977 to $0.36 in 2014, which is almost 213 times.
  • The amount of energy. In 2018 the power of the received solar energy has reached 109 GW. It's a record. In 2019 forecast growth of up to 141 GW.
  • The capacity of the batteries. Capacity of lithium-ion batteries is growing. By 2020, the mileage of the car without recharging it reaches 1000 km, which is comparable to "diesel".
  • The cost of the kWh Price of battery kWh annually reduced. If you compare the price for the 2018 and 2010, it decreased to 6.6 times.


Breakthrough exercise not energy companies, and manufacturers of coaches. New technologies are helping us to obtain solar energy and convert it into electricity. It is used to "charge" the cars and "smart" home.

  • Tesla signed a contract for the supply of solar panels and lithium-ion batteries for 50,000 homes in Australia.
  • Similar products and services offered by the company Nissan, which developed its own technology.

New solutions like virtual plants based on cloud computing. For example, installed in an electric car battery to 80 kWh 250 000 cars is 20 GW / h In fact it is mobile, distributed and managed energohranilische.

Wind energy

In the next 10 years it will be the largest energy source in Europe. Wind turbines will become cheaper than gas or coal.


  • Tesla built the battery station in Australia, which works on the "wind turbines". Its creation cost of $66 million In the first year, she repaid $40 million investment in the second year will be repaid in full.
  • Hywind Scotland, wind station on the water, provide energy to 20,000 households in the UK. The power factor was 65%, the gas and coal he averaged below — 54-55%.

How this will impact

You will become more energetic :)


Briefly about the forecast

Doctors can monitor the health of patients 24/7 and receive alarm signals.


  • Monitoring. Sensors track health parameters such as blood pressure, pulse, sugar level, etc. Data is collected 24/7, are sent to the doctors to the cloud, set up alerts. Example: The FreeStyle Libre.
  • HLS. Use gamification to lead a healthy lifestyle. Users perform tasks, earn credits, buy them a drink and go to the movies. They are sick less often and recover faster. Example: Vitality
  • Transportation. B2B platforms help to quickly take people to clinics and hospitals. Examples: Health, Uber, Lyft, and Allscripts. It's like a normal Uber, only an ambulance.
  • Clinic. It organizations have created health clinics. They only treated their employees. Examples: Amazon (together with J. P. Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway) and Apple.
  • Artificial intelligence. Now Google AI detect breast cancer with 99% accuracy. In the future, the Corporation plans to invest in diagnosis of diseases, data infrastructure and health insurance.

How this will impact

The patient learns the diagnosis and get a prescription before I address personally to the doctor. If you want to go to the hospital, do not have to wait for an ambulance. Injections of medications avtomatiziruete.


Briefly about the forecast

Electric motors will significantly replace internal combustion engines.


  • For cars: Toyota, Ford, VW, GM, PSA Group, Daimler, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Lexus.
  • Trucks: Daimler, DAF, Peterbilt, Renault, Tesla, VW.
  • For motorcycles: Harley Davidson, Zero.
  • Aircraft: Airbus, Boeing, Rolls-Royce, EasyJet.
  • For excavators: Caterpillar.
  • For trains: Enel, which supplies lithium-ion batteries of the Railways.
  • For vehicles: Siemens, Rolls-Royce.


In Spain conventional cars have closed access to the centre of Madrid. Now there can drive only electric cars and hybrids.

In Sweden 2030 forbidden to produce cars with internal combustion engine.

Norway introduced a ban similar to Swedish, but it will enter into force 5 years earlier: 2025.

In China require that at least 10% of cars shipped to the country, was electric. In 2020 the quota will be expanded to 25%.

How this will impact

  • The elimination of gas stations. They will replace the filling V2G (Vehicle-to-grid). They will allow you to connect the car to the grid. As the owner of the electric vehicle You can buy or sell electricity to other car owners. Example: Google.
  • Transmission of meteorological data. You can install sensors that collect weather data: precipitation, temperature, wind, humidity, etc. meteorological Data buy the company because information is more accurate and up to date. Example: Continental.
  • Battery rental. A car battery is expensive. Not all buy a few pieces, but it depends on how far vehicles will travel on a single charge. Rent an additional battery will allow you to travel long distances.


Briefly about the forecast

Drivers will not be needed. Led will be unprofitable.


The generated class self-governing car, which is more efficient than conventional.

  • Without a steering wheel and pedals. General Motors has produced a car without manual controls. It runs on its own and delivers passengers.
  • Self-propelled taxi. Waymo (subsidiary of Google) has launched a taxi service, which costs practically without a driver.
  • Autopilot Tesla. With him risk to get into accidents has decreased by 40%. Insurers have offered discounts to those who use the autopilot.
  • Delivery of the goods. Kroger supermarkets has launched a drone delivery. Earlier the firm had started 20 of robotic warehouses.

How this will impact

Transportation will become cheaper will be reduced by reducing the cost and increasing the ROI.

  • Hour. Self-governing cars are constantly taking orders and not stop at "smoke".
  • The lack of drivers. They will not have to pay. Driving school closes. You will not need to pass on the right.
  • The decline in the number of breakdowns. In a conventional car — 2000 moving parts, offline — 20. Less breakages — less service.
  • Reducing the number of accidents. Self-governing auto less likely to get into an accident. It is not necessary to spend money on auto repair and treatment of the body.
  • The savings on Parking. After the trip you can send a vehicle to deliver other passengers or to send him to the garage.

Conclusion: what will happen to the people?

Even with total automation, the people will not remain without work. Their employment converted to reflect the new infrastructure.

Routine operations will be performed without human intervention. Improve the quality of life. Will have more time for yourself and solving the world's problems.


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