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Why knowledge is the new money and how to develop the skill of continuous learning
Material posted : Administrator Publication date: 22-02-2018

Bill gates, Warren Buffett and Charles Munger read a lot and constantly learning. Take example from them and invest your time in training.

Products and services are worthless, and knowledge is no

We are in the beginning of the era of rapid demonetization. Thanks to technology, products and services that were expensive become cheap or even free. For example, photo and video camera, clock, audio player, maps, encyclopedia — all this used to cost money but is now in every smartphone.

This process will continue to accelerate. Virtual reality will make cheaper are expensive, like concerts and sporting events. The CRISPR technology, diagnostics using artificial intelligence and genome sequencing will fundamentally change the health care system.

In this situation, the winners are those who recognize and quickly acquire skillsnecessary for the jobs of the future. And those who do not learn new, would be at risk. They can be stuck on the bottom rung of competition and of losing jobs to automation.

A fundamental level of knowledge becomes a form of currency. Knowledge is the new money.

The difference is that when you use or give someone knowledge, you do not lose them, unlike money. "Translate" knowledge anywhere in the world instantly and for free. They can be converted to something that can not be bought for money. For example, a genuine relationship or good health. They help to achieve goals. They are interested to purchase. They expand vocabulary and improve communication skills. Help to look at the world from a new angle and to live many lives.

6 skills for continuous learning that will serve you well in the new economy

Illiterate in the twenty-first century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.

Alvin Toffler, futurologist and writer.

1. Time to identify valuable knowledge

The value of knowledge depends on their rarity. When new technologies are changing some industry, there is a shortage of people with the right skills and high compensation for these skills. Over time, more people purchase them and the amount of compensation is reduced.

2. Quickly learn new skills

Opportunities appear and disappear unexpectedly. Therefore, it is important to quickly learn new skills. Understand and apply the mental model is a universal skill necessary for everyone. Mental models form the basis of knowledge that will be useful in any field. With their help, you will learn faster.

3. To explain the value of their skills to others

People with the same skills sometimes get completely different wages and occupy different positions. It depends on the ability to convince others and explain. Most spend years mastering the technical skills, but forget about the skills.

4. To convert knowledge into money and results

There are numerous ways to turn knowledge into money. For example, to find a job with a good salary, get a raise, to open a successful business, become a consultant or expert in any industry.

5. Invest in training so as to obtain the greatest profit

To achieve its goals, everyone needs to find the right books, online courses and training programs. To create a portfolio, apply in relation to the self-education of financial terminology: ROI, risk management, minimum acceptable bid, hedging, diversification.

6. To be able to learn

The learning rate determines how fast your knowledge increases with time. For example, compare those who reads one book a week, and those who read the book in ten days. For the year accumulated difference in 16 books.

Create your own ritual of training

  1. Select training time: one hour five days a week. If you have a very busy schedule, break the hour into several parts.
  2. Study regularly. Within the hour, do not succumb to procrastination and the desire to have fun.
  3. Use life hacks to remember and apply the information received. This will increase the benefit of your classes.

Stop thinking that knowledge is obtained only from 5 to 22 years, and then you can move due to the inertia and hard work. To succeed in our age, need to learn continuously.


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