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How IoT technologies will change the world in the next 10 years

March 29, in the Nizhny Novgorod Technopark "Ankudinovka" iCluster hosted a lecture by Tom Raftery (Tom Raftery), futurist and IoT Evangelist SAP. Brand Manager web service, Smarty CRM met him personally and learned about what and how innovations penetrate into daily life, and that will change in 10 years. In this article we want to share the main ideas of his speech. Interested please under cat.


Empty threats: why Russia does not control the execution of its sanctions

Unlike the US, where enforcement is monitored in real time, and provided for their violation of strict punishment, the Russian authorities have imposed sanctions, for example against Ukraine, which so far is not respected.


95% of the reported trading volume of Bitcoin turned out to be fake

In the framework of the 226 slides submitted to the Commission on securities and stock exchanges, we( @BitwiseInvest ) held the first of its kind analysis of data from all of the 81 exchanges, indicating that the amount of BTC >$1M on CoinMarketCap.


How and why to create your own cryptocurrency

In April 2018, "the most popular person in Russia," Olga Buzova announced his desire to release the cryptocurrency Buzcoin and to conquer the digital space. A successful debut took place, but Buzova is an excellent example of what every person without deep knowledge of programming and technology may create its own cryptocurrency, get a lot of pros and to be considered an advanced user.


Partner Soros: we have prepared a new global crisis — three times stronger than the first

In 1992, Stanley Freeman Druckenmiller, along with his partner, friend and colleague of George Soros held a very successful "speculative attack" of the twentieth century. In the words of the financial press, this Duo financiers, who led the Quantum Fund, "broke the Bank of England" within a few days and earned about a billion pounds on the depreciation of the British currency. Later the way of Druckenmiller who loved peace and preferred to stay in the shade, and Soros, who always was willing to openly engage in world politics sharply divided. But both speculator became legends in the financial world, because they humiliated the old Central Bank of the West, "gone with the loot" after the successful RAID and nothing for them it was not.


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